Selecting The Proper House Mirrors

You can see your best traits as well as your worst qualities with a mirror, allowing you to see an unobstructed image of who you are and how you appear. Looked at as a modest decoration piece, a mirror often is hung within bedrooms, living rooms and in most cases restrooms. While wall mirrors may be small decoration objects, these simple items can often ruin the appearance and style of a room if placed in the wrong location. Mirrors should always mix well with the room instead of sticking out to produce the best overall appearance.

Size...Yeah, it Matters

Huge mirrors work best in large rooms while small mirrors work better in small rooms. As an example, if your restroom is smaller than 80 square feet, you will not want to set a big mirror within, but instead will want to set a small one in the room. Little rooms will require little mirrors; if you plant a large one in a small room, you are looking at proportion issues. When you place big items inside of small rooms, you end up drawing unwanted attention to the objects, which have a strange appearance in those rooms with wall mirrors. It is best to place large mirrors within large rooms; however, you can place small ones in large rooms without having proportion troubles.


If the size controls the mirror's placement, it's shape determines its functions. For instance, a round-shaped mirror operates best to reflect your face but is not designed to reflect your entire body. The same goes for a rectangular mirror that operates best to display your entire upper body, but not your lower body. When selecting a mirror, please understand how the size and shape of the it will change the uses of the it.


The location of the mirror is another aspect that controls how well it will look within a room. For instance, if you hang a round mirror in a bedroom, you will not be utilizing it to see how your whole body appears. Other mirrors are built to catch a user's attention, such as a large rectangular one that may function best as a decoration object. Both the size and shape of the mirror will control where it can be set.


All mirrors will have a different kind of style, and will have their styles inside of their frames and inside of their shapes. From antique mirrors to regular mirrors, they can contain multiple different colors and shapes to control its style. All styles will work well in select types of rooms; for example, a modern mirror will go better in a room with modern furniture while a vintage mirror goes well in an antique-style room. has been manufacturing hard-to-find picture frames, wall mirrors and related products since the mid 1980's. Our goal is to make buying a frame and mirror easy and affordable for everyone:

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