What Does Your House Say When It Comes To First Appearances?

I've got you thinking now haven't I?
You're busy weighing up in your own head what you think the appearance looks like...and then...what others think your house looks like.
Hmmm...hmmm...then another hmmm...as you flip it over in your mind.
But really at the end of the day there are only 2 outcomes that you can answer this question with?
So what are they?
It's simple, it's either;
1. "Good" or
2. "Bad"
And of course the only answer you desire from yourself and that of others who pass your house is..."GOOD!"
Now there are many choices and combinations that you can select that to improve your house's street appeal. There is paint, fencing, landscaping, renovations, fancy entries...the list goes on.
But today I am going to arrow in on the biggest part of your house...the one element that really makes a lasting impression and that is the external walls ( or façade as they call it in the design circles ) of your house.
I like to call this the "skin" of your house. And just like your skin, the façade of your house can indicate a lot about your wellbeing and general appearance.
So ask yourself this now...
Does your house look radiant? Does your house look tired?
This question can still apply even if you are contemplating building your own home in the future...why?...because you have the opportunity to influence how your home's first appearance will be, now. So with all this in mind, I am focusing on manufactured stone veneer.
Artificial stone veneer is a cladding product. It is a wall stone that can be installed to an existing house or a new house easily. Manufactured stone wall cladding looks just like the "real thing" except it has been man made. And being man made it implies that your house cladding can be quality controlled to design out the imperfections and faults that natural stone has.
Your house can display a unique and organic look to its façade ( which is great for first appearances!) if you decide to install a stacked stone product. Imagine being able to install a natural stacked stone product to the outer walls of your home? You could turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. This will allow your creativity to flow and the help increase the perceived value of your home. ( Remember when we said "first appearances" well what we are really talking about is "the true value of your home" right?!)
But more than just selecting a stacked stone veneer to dress your home's façade you can also choose any colour you desire. Where natural stone products are colour limited to what can be extracted from the earth, fake stone veneer can be tinted with almost and colour you can imagine. Now that is flexibility in choice for you and your selected colour pallet.
Installation is also easy. The benefit for when you select manufactured stone is that you do not need skilled tradespeople to install the product. Your house cladding project can be done quickly and simply by "standard" ceramic tile installers or bricklayers. This will save you real money. Also if you are feeling up to it, you can even install the manufactured stone sheets yourself. It is very simple work. Rather than struggling with thin pieces of natural stone i.e. for a stacked stone wall, you can pick a whole sheet of manufactured stacked stone and stick it on the wall in one move. This will save you real time and complete the project very quickly. Your labour cost component of the works will be drastically reduced. Which is music to your ears and your hip pocket when deciding to undertake a home project.
Manufactured stone in either a stacked stone form or a cladding wall masonry appearance i.e. traditional brick shape appearance, will generally save you around 30 to 50% in total cost. Those percentages are worth remembering when making your budget work for you on your home project.
Apart from the aesthetic appearance that a stacked stone wall cladding system will provide your home, manufactured stone is an excellent durable product. The quality cement and lightweight aggregates used in the cladding are highly resistant to thermal cracking, acid rain chemical bleaching, surface erosion and colour fading. Natural stone (especially sandstone and limestone) is highly susceptible to these adverse environmental conditions.
P.S. The manufactured stone exterior is an excellent way of presenting your home with great finishing touches without high installation costs. Being able to save 30 to 50% in total installation costs is very appealing to people considering a home renovation or a new home.
P.P.S. Installation of the manufactured wall cladding is easy with a capital "E". Now that you are aware that you do not require expensive specialist labour and that you could even install the material yourself, your project budget costs are reducing all the time.
P.P.P.S If you are truly seeking a great first appearances product, stone stacking and faux masonry walls is a great way to achieve this for your home project.

Cladding Walls from Custom-Made Stones
For more information and features on the benefits of manufactured stone veneer please refer to our Free Report "What Is Interior Stone Cladding And How Do I Choose The Right Stone Veneer To Fit My Interior Design?".

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