Wall Tiles - Protective Covering For Your Home

What is the benefit of using wall tiles when the paint can do the same job that slabs can do? This is the usual reply home owners give to their contractors or architects about using tiles on their walls. One may find a paint that is more beautiful and bright than the slabs but paint can't match the strength and shine of the slabs. Paint provides you an opportunity to refresh your home annually but paint starts losing its sheen and glory right from the day it is put on walls. Moisture is the biggest enemy of the paint and you can't prevent your paint from moisture.
Wall tiles, if installed correctly, can last up to the life of your home. They make a protective shield for your brick and mortar wall and thus enhance the life of your home. These slabs are no doubt expensive than paint but they worth the price. They are easy to clean and remain same until they are damaged or peeled out. Unlike paint, tiles never lose their sheen and glory. Also they make the walls look even from floor to ceiling. They can brave the bumps and withstand scratches. Paint can never be a substitute for tiles.
Some areas of the home require wall tiles and there can be no denying to this fact. The areas that require tiling include kitchen backsplash, shower, and fireplace and outside wall that is the face of the home. Out of these areas, it is the kitchen and bathroom walls that require tiling more than any other area. If you have budget constraints then you can tile only the necessary areas and use paint on the rest of the walls. It is called cosmetic remodeling but you should bear in mind that you need to provide protection to all your walls.
The most cost effective way of tiling your walls is gradual tiling. Divide your home in different areas and start tiling those areas one by one. For example you can tile bathroom walls on priority basis as this area receives heavy flow of water, soap, detergents and other chemical rich materials. Subsequently you can take kitchen, living room, patio and outside walls. In this way, in a few years, you can create a shield of wall tiles in and out of your home. To further reduce the burden of tiling expenditure from your pocket, you can choose to buy discounted tiles.

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