So You Want a Job in Interior Decorating?

A career field that is becoming increasingly popular is the field of interior design. Many busy people realize how important it is to have a home or office that is professionally decorated, and therefore many new jobs in interior design are being created.
Another important aspect of the field is that interior designers are located in every city, all over the world, so jobs are available just about everywhere. If a young person is creative and has an artistic flair, a career in interior design may be perfect and will provide a long lasting and satisfying job choice.
The first thing one has to know in order to obtain a job in interior design is what kind of education is required. Different areas may require different levels of education, and a job in a design house in a major firm in Manhattan, for instance, may require a four year degree, while working for a small company in the Midwest may only require two years college. Many schools offer degrees in interior design as part of their fine arts department, and a specialized degree such as this would definitely be an advantage.
Starting out, a new graduate would normally work for another person or for an interior design company. A great deal of experience and contacts can be gained in this kind of environment. Working for an experienced interior designer can give a young person invaluable experience in every aspect of this business, and he can learn many things it took the seasoned professional years to learn. Working side by side with an experienced interior designer, the novice will handle mundane tasks such as ordering swatches and following up delivery schedules, but these are important skills to develop.
After working hand in hand with a senior professional, a new interior designer will then be handed an assignment of his own. Having a a company behind him while he hones his own design skills on a customer is a major advantage to a designer just starting out.
The main (and some say only) focus of interior design is customer satisfaction. The client is the be-all and en-all of the field, so the ability to work with people, who sometimes can be very testy, is crucial.
Once a designer has paid his dues, so to speak, at a company or two, he will want to branch out on his own. Besides being more profitable, owning his own interior design firm allows a decorator to put his own creative stamp on the work he is commissioned to do.
If decorating a room or a home is something you have enjoyed doing, consider a career in interior design. It is very rewarding to be able to bring an artistic vision to fruition, and it can be a very financially successful career as well.

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