Persian Carpets and Oriental Rugs: Decorating Tips

Finding the right rug for your home can be a frustrating process. The energy reflected in your life and work is somehow related to the interior of your home and workplace. Persian rugs and Oriental area rugs not only bring color to your home, but also add positive energy to your life. The pattern and colors of rugs you use in your home often tell a lot about your personality to others. Different types of personality demand different types of rugs. This is why the rug industry has to produce such a large number of items, and still is unable to satisfy every single consumer.

The state of the feeling in your home will also determine the right rug for it. With lighter colors of walls and carpets, an area rug with a somewhat darker color combination will often make a bold statement in your home, making the overall feeling more balanced. The opposite can also be valid. Persian rugs and Oriental area rugs can be used to cover the whole floor with the furniture sitting entirely on top of them, or as a centerpiece in a living area where you want more of your floor to be exposed. What makes the process of selecting a rug for your home much easier, is the fact that they come in all possible sizes, patterns, and color combination. An otherwise boring environment can easily turn to a joyful space.

Almost all people who have had the experience with decorating their homes will claim you make things much easier on yourself if you select the rug first and then try to decorate around it. While that statement is still true, with so many choices to select from, the process is not going to be as hard as it used to. Just keep in mind that the mood of your rug needs to go hand in hand with the mood of your interior without making you redesign your home. Your rug needs to correspond to your personality as well. Generally speaking, a quiet person will feel more comfortable with muted and subdued colors whereas an active person with a busy life will probably feel better with stronger color contrasts and patterns of more intricate detail. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal taste when choosing the right rug for your home. If you have the patience in looking for the rug of your dreams, you will definitely find what fits your needs.

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