Bespoke Commissioned Art: 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Finishing Touches for Your Home

Following a large refurbishment or house move, it is very easy to stop, put your feet up and have a cup of tea once the furniture has been moved in. All too often the final perfecting touches are not done until the house is being staged for a sale five years down the line.

Here are five tips to get you off your couch and creating your dream home by commissioning bespoke art work.

Set a theme for each room. Whether it is a colour theme or a style theme embrace it and accessorise it. Have fun with your choices and be bold. Remember, when sharing your colour choices with an artist, that interpretations of a hue can differ wildly. Make sure you share your colour thoughts visually, perhaps using a swatch or a colour palette.

Use a focal point. In your main rooms, try to have a central piece that will be a conversation starter. Whether it is a ceramic vase or a bespoke abstract canvas, the ability to order a piece of artwork that matches your exact requirements means that you can save a long trawl online and in the shops. Think about how you will display it, the furniture it sits on can be as important as the piece itself.

Be unique. If you really want jaws to drop, have the perfect retort when your guests ask you where they can get the textile wall hanging adorning your living room. Quite frankly they can't because it is a one-off commission and the vision for it is all yours - why, you wouldn't want anyone to be able to copy you, surely?!

Think outside of wall art. There are so many different categories of art that you can commission from glass art to textiles and print making. Instead of hanging a canvas to the wall, why not build a shelf and get someone to create a sculpture for you? Think of the effect you are trying to achieve and decide which medium will create it best for you.

Make it personal. Use your own experiences as your inspiration. Gather up photos, lyrics, quotes and even smells to use when briefing any bespoke art work. The artist will be able to get a better understanding of your vision and once installed the piece will be as evocative as it is unique.

The perception is that commissioning bespoke art work will be prohibitively expensive. This needn't be the case if you find the right websites, especially if you are able to find up and coming artists to create the art for you.

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