Accessorising Your Bathroom With Contemporary Furnishings

The bathroom is probably the one room in the house that is commonly overlooked when it comes to decorating and furnishing. Many people choose to spend a large proportion of their time relaxing and unwinding in the bathroom, so why shouldn't they do so in a wonderfully well decorated and furnished room?

Given that the vast majority of bathrooms are monochrome, it makes sense to offset this with bright, bold colours to reduce the clinical, stark appearance of your bathroom while at the same time retaining the fresh feel to the room. Using warming colours such as reds and oranges is an ideal way to achieve this. Towels and rugs are an excellent starting point and allow you to slowly introduce these bold colours throughout the room. These chosen colours can then become the theme for your bathroom. As you look to develop this theme further you can start to include coloured accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and lamp shades. Placing a small basket of shells or potpourri on your vanity unit which will not only work as an attractive ornamental feature but will help maintain the freshness of your room

Scented candles are a fantastic way to create a relaxed or romantic atmosphere. It's always best to try and use scented candles that work well with your chosen colours. If you've decided on a yellow theme for example then scents associated with this colour such lemon scented candles would be ideal.

Mirrors can be used as the focal point of a larger room or to create the appearance of a larger room for those smaller bathrooms. Consideration should also be given to how you intend to light your room and the area surrounding the mirror. Adding a small set of shelves to hold any towels or cosmetics will not only increase your storage space but will double as an additional decorative feature.

People often forget to consider placing art work in the bathroom. Carefully selecting some exciting art work or even small sculptures can really make your bathroom standout and create a fantastic impression. Most bathrooms walls are left blank when they could be used to hang paintings or place canvases and photographs.

As much care and attention should go into furnishing your bathroom as any other room in your house. There are plenty of design opportunities out there and it would be a shame to ignore these.

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