5 Color Combinations For A Baby Girl's Nursery

If you are the proud parent of a baby girl, you know that you are going to have to decorate that nursery with all the style and love that you want your girl to have. Decorating a nursery is difficult at times; especially, when you have no idea what color combinations would be appropriate for it. Colors matter - they lift our mood, invite people into our homes, and also soothe our children to sleep. If you haven't decided on what color combo is right for you, think of these 5 favorite possibilities.

Pink and White- This is a classic nursery color scheme that has been loved for generations. Pink and white is not only timeless - it's a color theme that will grow with your daughter. Cute, comforting, and oh so sweet, pink and white is a special treat! The best part about this particular color combination is that accessories that match this theme are everywhere - from baby stores to tween scenes.

Pink and Brown - This color theme is a more modern approach to the classic color of pink. Both trendy and fashionable, the pink and brown theme has been spotted in upscale sweet shops, nurseries, and high fashion outfits across Hollywood. Getting stuff for your child's room while keeping to this theme is still easy - this is now a very 'hot' color scheme!

Brown and Sage - Going along with the super chic brown-and-pink color theme, adding sage to the mix is a great way to get an earthy, natural, and strangely futuristic appeal to your baby's nursery. Thanks to the recent influx of sage-colored products in natural and organic toy stores shopping for this color scheme is very easy. Moreover, this is a color scheme that grows with your baby girl.

Pink and Teal - If you are looking for a new way to get a very Malibu feel to your child's nursery room, this adorable and lively color combination will do just the trick. What makes this such a popular color combo is that this also works wonders for a nursery where both a boy and a girl will be residing. Both pink and teal are popular furniture colors and it will make your child's room a bright and exciting place to be.

Lavender and Green - This very floral color combination may be hard to shop for, but the rewards are worth it. Green has been proven to stimulate intellectual growth, while purple has been known to provide a calming sensation to babies who are a little bit cranky.

Whatever color combination you choose, keep in mind that with accessories and nursery d├ęcor you can always enhance the look. Generally, there are no wrong or right colors - the nursery is yours and your baby's, so you have to like it and feel relaxed and comfortable in it.

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