Different Types of Towel Rails

Warmth is a vital element in any home. Regardless of where you decide to put your radiators, they are an important addition to a house, providing that much-needed heat through the winter and assisting with the washing and damp towels through the warmer months. The range of radiators and heated towel rails is constantly expanding with leading manufacturers and designers making vast amounts of the highest quality towel rails in numerous finishes such as black, white, chrome, stainless steel, anthracite and many more.

Placing a heated towel rail in the bathroom will add a true touch of luxury to your everyday bathroom routine. The feeling of stepping out of your shower into a nicely warmed towel is truly unbeatable. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, there is a radiator out there to fit it perfectly. If you intend on a creating a traditional styled bathroom, there a range of stunningly elegant white and chrome heated towel rails suitable for every home. If you are opting for a more modern, contemporary bathroom, radiators now come in a vast range of shapes and styles.

Before purchasing your radiator, consider what you want from it. Some radiators offer higher BTU's than others. Some of the most stylish designs may have lower BTU's than the classic shaped radiators, but will bring a more unique style to your home. BTU refers to British Thermal Units and is a basic measure of thermal energy. It will differ between each kind of radiator and across manufacturers and designers too. Finding a radiator with the correct BTU to heat your room adequately is important to save energy and money as well as keeping your bathroom at the right temperature.

Damp towels are smelly and unhygienic, and ensuring they are placed on a good quality heated towel rail will improve bathroom hygiene as well as overall style. White radiators offer a really minimalist feel to the home where as a black or anthracite radiator will make a bold statement and add a stylish, contemporary feel to your bathroom. Available both horizontally and vertically, rails are designed to fit into almost any available space. If you don't have access to a central heating system, there are electric only radiators which instead use a heating element.

If you are willing to spend a little extra money, then dual fuel radiators offer the choice of using it with the central heating system or using it as electric only through the warmer summer months. This means you don't have to turn on the entire central heating system and can instead use its electric heating element.

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