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I've loved mosaic artwork for a long time now. I've even tried my hand at making my own pieces before, but to be honest I thought I'd be better off leaving it to the professionals. The time and skill needed to produce such intricate pieces of work is a real talent. Creating pictures and patterns with glass and stone is no easy job! Not only can mosaics provide striking focal points in any room, but they can act as a durable material for flooring and work surfaces.
A lot of people use them in their bathrooms, kitchens or integrate them as part of a wall structure and design. Historically mosaics were first used around 4000 years ago for terracotta cones and gradually developed into more complicated patterns and geometric designs. Though they are often produced as decorative art, it is known that they have been used in cathedrals, providing spiritual significance.
Modern Mosaics
For those who have seen mosaic displays but are not really sure how they are made, they are typically formed from a selection of coloured clay, stained glass and gemstones which are secured in place by mortar. One of the unique qualities about mosaic designs are that the shades and colours can never be replicated, creating a truly individual feel for each piece. Though making mosaics historically started as a Roman craft, it has transcended country and culture and is now used widely across the world. Some argue that as mosaics have developed over time, the level of skill and artistry has been lost, with automatic production becoming a preferred choice.
Though I'd agree with this, I still think that some modern mosaics are particularly impressive. Not least the 19th century Edward Burne-Jones piece at St Paul's within the Walls of Rome and more mosaic pieces at Park G├╝ellin in Barcelona. I really love the "cave canem" mosaic signs which were historically placed outside of Roman villas. The phrase "cave canem" translates into "Beware of the Dog" so I'm thinking that might be quite a quirky design to place outside the front of our house!
Mosaics in your Home
For many of us we simply do not think of using mosaics in our home designs. The reasons for this is that they are not a typical interior design concept that most of us consider when working in our homes. The fact is however that mosaics are fast becoming revitalised being used by leading designers to bring a touch of uniqueness to peoples home designs. Not just limited to interior designers, the use of mosaics can be applied by anyone with a keen DIY eye. For something which is entirely unique to your home and reflects your personal design style there is no better design element than mosaics.

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