How To Recover Bar Stools Quickly and Easily

Bar stools are convenient to use, and so they wind up being used all the time. And as a result, they will start looking a bit ragged. Luckily, you can easily recover your bar stools, making the entire area feel like it had a makeover. Remember to choose a nice, heavy fabric that can withstand the regular use and cleaning that will be needed.
Step 1 - Removing the original cover. The bar stool seat can be removed from the frame by unscrewing the bolts that hold it in place on the bottom. Once this is done, the fabric can be removed by taking out the staples that hold it in place.
Step 2 - Creating the new pattern. The seat should be placed upside down and outlined on a sturdy piece of cardboard. The template can then be cut out from the cardboard using a utility knife or a very heavy pair of scissors.
Step 3 - The cotton batting is cut to size It's a good idea to also replace the cotton batting on your seats. This should be cut to the same size as the seat itself using the cardboard pattern. You can also simply lay the batting over the seat and then trim around the edges.
Step 4 - Cutting the fabric. Place the seat facing up with the batting in place. Now, drape the fabric over the seat and allow it to hang over on all sides. Pull the fabric around to the bottom of the seat, holding it firmly in place in the center with a rubber band. Be sure the fabric is pulled tight over the entire seat top.
Step 5 - Securing the new fabric. With a staple gun, start stapling the fabric to the base on the bottom of the seat. Begin at the outside edge and work your way around the entire seat, being sure that the fabric stays nice and tight as you work.
Step 6 - Finish it off professionally. After the stapling is done, remove the rubber band and excess fabric from the bottom. Take the template that was cut from cardboard, and place it on the bottom of the chair. Begin stapling in the middle, and work your way out to the edges. This will keep your fabric more secure and give your chair a professional, finished look.
Step 7 - Remember the fabric protector. Scotch Guard or another fabric protector can be sprayed over the fabric so that stains will be easier to clean up when they happen. Because these are bar stools and will receive constant use, you should use at least two coats of stain protector. Once the fabric dries completely, you are ready to screw the seat back into the frame, completing your quick and easy bar stool makeover.
Taking the time to make new seat covers for your existing bar stools is an inexpensive and easy way to update the look of a room, and make those old stools look brand new.

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