How To Choose Curtains for Your Bedroom

Looking for the right curtains to complement your bedroom can seem like a chore you would rather avoid. If you are amongst those who are unable to make their mind very easily, it would help to get some basic background knowledge. Thus you can decide faster when actually picking up the right curtains for your bedroom.
Type of Bedroom Décor
Is your bedroom décor traditional or contemporary? Either way, the curtains or drapes you are choosing must essentially complement the settings.
In case of traditional settings, the curtains could be heavily embroidered with thread or other embellishments. Of course, if you are looking for a more ornate look, you could go for full embroidery curtains as well.
When it comes to contemporary, practical usage takes priority over the traditional look and feel of the curtain. Thus you would find simple, light, synthetic, easy to wash options in most contemporary settings.
The key here is practical usage, and it is well known that in earlier times(read traditional), purely decoration was the single most important aspect. Thus you would have the heavy embroidery and the embellished versions.
Contemporary Curtains
On the contrary, you will find contemporary curtains are light, without too much of heavy embroidery stuff on them. In fact, if you step just a little out of line, you will find unique curtains like sari curtains doing extremely well on this front. These curtains are made of the finest silk as the cloth is actually designed for use for wearing as the traditional Indian Sari. The cloth is modified for use as curtains, and gives an elegant, graceful look.
More on Sari Curtains
Sari curtains are light in weight. They look equally elegant whether in case of using plain silk or even if you go for those with light embroidery. This is due to the fact that even the plain silk curtains give a rich textured look and feel that adds greatly to the ambience of the room.
The best part about these silk sari curtains is that they do not hurt the pocket either. While traditional curtains and upholstery are fairly expensive, silk sari curtains are very reasonable. Combine this with the rich look that you are able to achieve at a low cost, and it is almost a no-brainer that the sari silk curtains should be your choice.
I personally have been using these silk sari curtains in my bedroom for several years now and find they fit the bill perfectly. The good part is when I feel the need for change I do not have to think too much before I shift out the old lot and bring in a new color or texture. The older ones move out to one of the other rooms or the study, and the new color scheme comes to occupy its place of pride in my bedroom.
Choose your curtains wisely to reflect the overall mood of your furnishings, and you will never go wrong. We will talk more about how to choose curtains for your bedroom in my next post as well.

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