My Experience Of Using Sundeala Notice Boards

What drew me straight away to Sundeala notice boards was their fantastic range of colours and fun shapes (I particularly like how you can create tessellating patterns with the hexagon boards and how you can create a layered effect with the circles). It definitely made my time spent shopping for a board a lot more exciting than expected.
I was then even more impressed when I found out that the notice boards are made 100% of recycled newspaper and how environmentally minded the company was. We all want to do our bit for the environment, but sometimes it can feel like a hassle, so for me to be presented with a product that is affordable and desirable as well as being green is perfect.
Another small feature that makes these boards all the more aesthetically pleasing is you don't have to have a frame. To me that makes it seem much more decorative and feel less "officey" and impersonal. Frames are available if you do want to use these notice boards in a more professional setting, but for me using them at home I just prefer frameless.
If you want something in-between, suitable for a more serious setting but still a bit fresh and less corporate, then there are rectangular boards without frames, with rounded off corners and they come in a range of colours.
As I mentioned previously I love the geometric shape line, it creates a sort of practical piece of art for your wall, you may have to have boring lists or reminders on your notice board but at least the notice board is pretty.
Another range they offer is fun shapes, boards that come in the shapes of animals and trains (you can join up the train engines and carriages). Now, I am not too proud to admit I am slightly temped by the purple elephant board, but whose inner child doesn't want a purple elephant board? They also offer standing display boards, boards with glass to protect the display and flame retardant boards for public or workplace hallways.
These may be available from various places but at the end of the day if you can buy practically the same product but it causes less environmental damage, it seems to me like a relatively straight forward decision. Sundeala boards turn a useful item into a product that is also environmentally friendly, fun and interesting to look at.

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