A Guide to a Modern, Stylish Bedroom

Few places in a home reveal the inhabitant's personality more than his or her bedroom. People feel freer to express their taste and style in the bedroom because it feels like a private sanctuary, whereas the rest of the home is open to everyone. The bedroom is a place to relax and unwind before going to sleep. A modern bedroom should be a safe haven, comfortable, and embody your very unique style. This idea extends to bedroom furniture, colour, trends etc... However, there is more to building a modern bedroom than this.
Be Realistic About Space
No matter how beautiful the wide, airy bedrooms are that you see in magazines, if the space that you have for your bedroom is limited, it will never be precisely like those images. You can work with what you have to make it both aesthetically and physically pleasing. Measure the space and keep note of it when shopping for furniture. It is frustrating to have to take a piece of furniture back to the shop when you discover that you cannot open your door or have to crawl over objects to get to the bed if you place it in the room. Guidelines dictate that a bed should not take up more than one-third of the width of the room, to optimize movement.
Colour Schemes
Modern colour schemes are varying from year to year, but colour psychology stays the same. The colours that you choose for your bedroom depend on factors such as the look you are going for, the way you want the room to feel, and the colours that are your favourites. Bright colours - such as red, yellow, and orange - tend to stimulate the mind and make you feel more alert. Colours like pale blues, deep or light purples, and soft greys are calming and relaxing. You can create a modern look with any colour that you want, so don't feel bound to popular shades if you find them unpleasant.
Achieving Balance
Choose furniture that balances the room. A bed with a nightstand on each side is traditional, but this can be achieved with any manner of bedside tables. If you and a partner prefer different tables, they can still be balanced with artistic principles. If one table is larger, simply place a smaller lamp on it and a larger lamp on the smaller table - this can be done with any accessories that you want. You can also place similar art prints or paintings on each side of the bed. Other bedroom furniture, such as dressers and armoires, should be placed to balance the room, as well. If the armoire is placed against one wall, arrange a large piece of furniture or several smaller pieces on the wall opposite.
Modern Bedroom Trends
Current trends are leaning toward clean lines and minimal accessories. Don't go too far with this, though - you don't want your bedroom to have the sterile, empty feeling of a hotel room. Low, Oriental-inspired platform beds that do not depend on a box spring are in style now, as well. Trends in bed linens include patterned sheets with a solid duvet and high contrast between the sheets and blanket chosen. Furniture combination trends currently vary between utilizing all sleek, unornamented pieces or choosing one highly ornamental piece of furniture as a focal point while using plainer pieces for the rest of the room.

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