Dividers in the Living Room

You can have dividers in the living room whether it is small or big. For small rooms, you can take advantage of having an alcove apart from your entertainment and receiving area. For big rooms, you can even set up a playroom for your kids.
Having different sections in one room will allow you to make use of different colors and not just the standard maximum of three colors per room.
Purposes of a room divider:
Hides living room mess. Sometimes, the storage units such as boxes and plastic roller carts can make the room look cluttered especially if they are plenty. With the help of a divider, they can be placed behind it so they are hidden from view.
A private corner or alcove. Purchase opaque dividers for this area so that you will get full privacy. To complete the setting, have a recliner sofa, coffee table, table lamp or stand lamp and pillows. This furniture will make the area to be the coziest and warmest place in the living room. With an alcove, you can listen to your favorite classical music without any disturbance.
A small office in the living room. Get an office chair, a desk, and a lamp to make the area to function like an office. If you brought home some work, this room will be able to give the comfort and the feel of a true office.
Accent wall. You can hang paintings, picture frames, rugs, and artworks on your divider. However, make sure that these are light in weight.
Playroom. Get colorful and comfortable but safe furniture for your kids. Put a mat or rug for the floor. Add throw pillows, bean bags, kid's ottoman and chair loungers as shock absorbers.
Buy dividers with varying looks.
The size must be suited to the area of your living room and as to how many dividers you want to put up.
Traditional dividers are those made of wooden materials with paper and are foldable. They are usually rectangular. Modern ones include metal made dividers.
Dividers made of opaque materials will foster a more private atmosphere especially if you have an alcove where you want to spend time alone with yourself. It can also be used for your reading area where you want a quiet atmosphere to concentrate on your favorite book.
Lucent dividers will make the living room look more spacious by bringing more light in the room. You can likewise minimize your energy usage for utilizing natural light.
You can also use furniture as dividers. This will make your furniture more purposeful. Use your large furniture as dividers. If you want to move the furniture often, pick lightweight ones but make sure they can still serve the purposes of a divider.
Dividers can enhance the look of the room. Choose designs, materials and colors that blend with those of the room.

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