Creating a Victorian Kitchen

In a Victorian house, a Victorian kitchen is the obvious choice, and it can be achieved effectively, even with the addition of modern day electrical appliances. If you have any original Victorian features in your kitchen then make the most of them. A Victorian fireplace can be stripped back and painted black, ceiling roses and cornicing will add a lot of charm to the room. If you don't have them you could consider buying them from a reclamation yard and reinstating them, or even buying new plaster ones. With several coats of paint to give them an aged look they can look really good, especially from a distance if you have high ceilings.

Free standing units are typically Victorian, but if you simply must have a fitted kitchen, then don't worry, it won't ruin the look. Light colours such as cream or duck egg blue work really well. Conceal as many mod-cons as you can with an integrated washing machine and fridge etc. Terracotta floor tiles are simply gorgeous for a Victorian kitchen, perhaps add some mosaic tiles too, maybe around the edges of the room. You can get a wide range of Victorian style picture tiles these days, a few of these mixed in with some plain cheap kitchen wall tiles will make a stunning splash back and won't cost a fortune.

If your kitchen is overlooked, you can gain some extra privacy and add to the Victorian feel to boot with some lace curtains at the window. Just be careful that they don't hang anywhere near the cooker and cause a safety hazard. Safety must never be sacrificed for the sake of style! Or perhaps a stained glass window could be added, that would look amazing!

Accessories are key in the Victorian kitchen. In those days it was all about having things out on show. Some antique plates on a dresser will look really good and will also be functional. Cast iron and copper pans can be hung from a drying rack on the ceiling. Add some dried flowers to your rack too and your kitchen will look good and smell great too!

If you find the flooring is a little cold, rag rugs are fun and easy to make out of scraps of fabric and will work perfectly with your Victorian look. Hunting in antique shops and even at car boot sales can produce some great items to add to your Victorian look. Old fashioned and unusual kitchen utensils can often be picked up very cheaply. The Victorians loved making scrap books and you can make some brilliant wall art using this style. Look out for Victorian style designs in magazines and create a montage of images. You could incorporate dried flowers and leaves into your designs too.

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