How to Man Cave a Room

A man cave is a place where a guy goes to relax. It can be the garage, the basement or a spare bedroom. No one is allowed to enter the room. The wife or the girlfriend is not allowed. It is the guy's little abode where he can be himself. It is decorated by the guy with no help from the woman of the house.

In order to create an abode of his own, a guy must gather all the requisites. It often starts with getting a comfortable chair. The chair should be placed in front of a huge flat screen TV that has surround sound. This is an ideal setup for a guy to watch sports and sports news.

The right TV and chair are just the beginning essentials needed to set up the sanctuary.. He must add all the right memorabilia. If he ever played sports, there needs to be some kind of display of the trophies he won.

Other memorabilia can include ticket stubs from great games. These can be framed and hung on a wall. Signed jerseys, baseball cards and team pennants can also be used for decorating the walls.

Posters from favorite movies and centerfolds from men's magazines will help create a great abode separated from the outside world.. A guy might also want to hang posters of classic cars.

The sanctuary's LED sign will add just the right air to the room. This can be a beer sign of a favorite brew or an outline of a nude woman. There are even signs with the words man cave that can be used to decorate the room.

Not all of a guy's time will be spent watching sports, so it is good to include things other than a TV and chair in the room.. A pool table, video games and workout equipment are a few things that can make the place a perfect sanctuary.

The room needs a refrigerator and microwave. If possible, a guy should add a toilet and sink to the room. With all of these items, he would not have to go out of the room at all while he is relaxing.

For most guys, the garage or the room which they shave chosen should include all of the manly things related to sports and cars.

However, not all men are sports or car fanatics. For some guys, a laptop, a chess board, their favorite music or a TV and some action movies will do just fine for the man cave.

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