Metal Beds in Bedroom Design

It makes sense to invest in a feature piece as a bed should always be the focal point in a bedroom, whilst other furnishings can be kept to a minimum. Here are 4 main reasons why a metal bed is a creative choice for a bedroom re-vamp!
1. Spectacular Styles
Metal beds are available in a range of styles, here's just a few to give you some inspiration. Imagine a delicate metal frame with a flowing design of twists and swirls in an antique white finish. This bed would be perfect for an elegant, romantic space or even a little girl's bedroom.
You could create a more classic, traditional look with a black wrought iron frame and beside tables to match. An elegant, Victorian style curl pattern with an antique patina finish will give you a sophisticated bedroom that will never go out of fashion.
A striking, bold design will give your bedroom a modern edge. Metal beds are available with dramatic patterns or motifs, like waves or tree branches.
The possibilities are endless. If you contact a manufacturer directly, you'll find that they may offer bespoke options or at least the chance to choose your own colour or finish.
2. Colour and Finish
That's another great advantage of metal beds: bright colours are available. You don't have to be content with choosing from a shade oak or mahogany, choose from blue, green or even bright orange! This gives you the opportunity to create an amazing, vibrant bedroom design. Though, you'll probably need to find a specialist manufacturer to produce your bright orange bed.
It is quite common nonetheless, to find many shades of grey, black, white, cream and silver, available to buy online. If you're creating a rustic, antiquated or shabby chic style bedroom, you may wish to see if you can find a supplier who offers finishing; a patina finish will make your new bed look old.
3. A Note about Durability
There are probably two main advantages of metal beds over wooden ones: the versatility of designs and durability.
Wood is impressive, but cannot be moulded easily. It has to be carved and shaped, and this is difficult and expensive. Therefore, except from relatively simple understated designs, wooden beds are expensive. The very nature of metal is that it is a material which can be moulded, shaped and formed into fabulous innovative designs that will remain a centrepiece of the bedroom for many years.
Good quality metal beds are also stronger, sturdier and more durable than wooden beds. Over time, wood can fade, chip and warp. A very expensive wooden bed might still retain some charm despite these signs of aging, but any other wooden design will look worn out in a few years. Wooden beds are also more likely to squeak. Metal beds are easy to clean and maintain and will last decades.
4. Other Furniture and Accessories
It so easy to find other furniture that will match and complement metal beds. Providing you've gone for a neutral style and colour; your bed will fit in effortlessly with anything. From antique mahogany wardrobes to industrial style metal shelving to fluffy pink pillows, you'll have no problems. This also allows you to change your bedroom decor easily, you can create a new look whenever you wish, without having to replace your bed.
Avi Reisman works on the design team at Metal Design Furniture Ltd. Avi's articles on interior design, landscaping, garden furniture, metal furniture and wrought iron are a must read for anyone considering investing in metal beds for their home.
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