How To Give Your Home That French Look?

If you are looking to give your home the stylist and unique French look, then you need to think about the right uses of French accessories and follow their interior decorating norms. The French people mainly look in enhancing the beauty of their homes by ornamenting specific parts of a house. Those are
- Bedroom
- Bathroom
- Living room
- Wall
In this article, we will explore the secrets that turn an ordinary home into a French one.
Secrets of French Bedroom: Decorate your bed with linens that have light shades of color. Usually solid dyed fabrics with hand stitched or embroidered design easily compliment the look. Get a pair of lamp to stand on the floor or mount on the wall on both the top sides of your bed. Next, place a large size painting to cover the gap on wall between the lamps and your bed. Finally, put a simple chandelier on top ceiling, at the middle of the room. This is the very basic of giving your bedroom the French look. If you want to ornament it further, you can do it with other decorative elements. However, the secrets of the look remain the same as described here. In case, you want to decorate it further, you can try the wall antiques, bed curtains and crowns.
Secrets of French Bathroom: French bathrooms are much colorful. So when you think of giving your home that French look, consider putting all the colorful accessories inside your bathroom. You can put many colorful earthenware bowls inside of the bathroom. You can set a long drop shower curtain. The look must set for a meaning that is old, new, or simply natural. Three elements must be there for a French bathroom; drywall, repurpose deck and those bowls.
Secrets of French Living Room: A living room gets French taste and feeling only when you stuff it with exotic cushions, slipcovers and quilts made from natural cotton. The color can go in any range, however, staying with light to medium shades printed design is preferred by all. While fabrics have a strong part to play in living room decoration in the French style there are other elements like wrought iron that strongly influence the resulting look. Therefore, you need to ensure the use of metal and its exposure. Finally, the room must get few pieces of enamelware or vases. All French living rooms get such crystal accessories in big size. You need to get that too to place in your living room to have the French taste.
Secrets of French Wall Decoration: French people are great admirer of paintings and arts. They love to decorate their home walls with all kinds of paintings and artworks. They do not really care to hang a damaged, torn out artwork on their walls as long it got some beauty to enthuse a mind. Therefore, a broken art piece or painting frame can still get a new life and new meaning in French wall decoration. You can apply the same technique to your home walls to simplify the simplicity of those walls with paintings, photographs and artworks.
As these are the secrets of the French style of home decorating, you can now easily give your home that dream look. In most cases, you may not need to buy anything new to convert the look. It is just the French principles behind the decoration that change the look of a home.
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