Which Paint Should I Use to Decorate My Bedroom?

Our bedrooms are definitely the rooms with which most of us feel a rather intimate connection. And this does not owe merely to the fact that we spend a great deal of time in them (since we are, after all, asleep for the most part) but is also due to the private, very personal nature of all emotions associated with our sleeping chambers: our deepest secrets, love and intimacy.

It is essential that our bedrooms are an inner sanctum of calm and relaxation, a place where we can take refuge from the chaos of everyday life - and consequently, the color of the paint we chose to put on our bedroom walls has the potential to have a significant impact upon our lives.

So, when it comes to selecting the paint we will use to decorate our bedrooms, the first decision has to do with the actual type of paint. It may be a water-based paint (which has the added advantage of being low-odor and therefore free of potentially bothersome emulsion smells), or else an oil-based one, a semi-gloss or a glossy paint - it all depends on the type of walls, on their texture, the type of paint already applied on them and on the type of finish we want to have - whether satin or else eggshell.

Prior to applying the paint, the bedroom walls must be properly prepared. If (as it is most often the case) the existing layer of paint on the wall is oil-based, it needs to be trimmed using sandpaper, then wiped clean using either a de-glosser or a liquid sander. As an extra tip, in case you have decided to employ an oil-based paint yourself, consider using a paint additive to ensure that the paint will flow more effectively.

The next decision has to do with the color scheme you will employ to make your bedroom feel like the perfect sanctuary. The simplest, more classical choice is to go for neutral colors. Neutral tones on the bedroom walls are known to be very soothing and relaxing. Do not however make the mistake of assuming that neutral schemes must absolutely involve shades of cream or the very classical white. Earth shades are also neutral - sandy brown or light gray might turn out to be the perfect choice, without being cliché or else boring.

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