Using Cushions To Add Vibrancy To Your Room

Now and then a homeowner would look at her rooms and feel that something is missing. Nothing's was out of place. The furniture was well placed and tidy, the rugs and curtains clean, the plants watered, paintings on the wall are exactly where they should be. Yet, the homeowner could only think of waiting rooms in a surgery. What was missing?
Then one day the homeowner goes to a neighbor's house and sees that her rooms are full of cushions! There are cushions on her sofa, her chairs, her beds. There are piles of colorful cushions on the rug for people to sit on. The homeowner has her answer.
Cushions are generally bags of fabric stuffed with some other fabric. They can be square, round, rectangular or roll-shaped. But the best thing is that they can come in every possible color and texture and can be stuffed with all manner of fillings both natural and synthetic.
The homeowner came home and looked at the sofa in her lounge. She decided to fill it with red and green silk cushions shot through with golden thread and with golden borders, but when she bought the cushions she didn't fancy the arrangement. So, she put some of the green cushions in her armchairs and bought some striped cushions to join the red cushions on the sofa, which was better. Though she disliked needlepoint, she bought a fat needlepoint cushion to tuck against the back of her husband's favorite wingchair, as he did like needlepoint and was fairly good at it. The needlepoint design was a couple of greyhounds at rest.
When she had time, she went to an ethnic store in town and bought a bunch of pillows woven with traditional Greek patterns and symbols, like the kendima pattern of flowers, landscapes and other elements from the natural world. She bought cushions that had patterns usually found on kilim rugs. She piled these on the daybed in her sitting room and was so happy with them that she brought some into the lounge and threw them on the sofa as well.
She wanted something a bit more feminine for the bedroom, so she bought some cushions embroidered with roses and filled with goose down. She laid the heart-shaped one artfully among the pillows, put one on the bench at the foot of the bed and two more on the loveseat beneath the window. They had the added advantage of complementing the color of her curtains and the pink and white tablecloth she'd thrown over her nightstand.
She also bought a couple of big white cushions edged with eyelet cloth and put these on the upholstered settee in her daughter's room. One of them had a pocket into which she tucked a floral sachet. She put a couple of dark blue and green tartan cushions on the chair in her son's room.
She wanted something simple for outdoors. In this case she needed weatherproof cushions and easily found a bunch at the local gardening centre. She put some white cushions into the hammock slung between the two rowan trees in her backyard and a few with lilac patterns into the wicker barrel chairs that were part of a dining set near the rose garden.
In the end she had spent a bit of money, but her husband and children were amazed and impressed by the vibrancy her use of cushions had added to their home.
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