Decorating Small Kitchens

When you have a small kitchen it can become very difficult when trying to decorate it in a way that is appealing. This is especially hard today with all of the deals on the larger appliances. Here are just a couple of tips that work well when you have a small kitchen to work with.

The Refrigerator

Avoid getting the larger fridge for the kitchen. While this appliance is a necessity, it doesn't have to take up the entire kitchen. Try settling for a smaller model to free up space. If you already have a large fridge in the kitchen, consider putting it in the garage. This way you can store everything you need in the fridge, but the large bulky one isn't in the kitchen. Buy a smaller model to put in your kitchen to hold the things you need quickly accessible.


Another area that can really take up some room in a smaller kitchen is the appliances such as microwaves, toaster, coffee pots, etc. Consider purchasing a small microwave that will accomplish the things you need. Also, consider storing any appliances that you have out on the counter in the cabinets unless they are used on a daily basis.

Trash Can

If you do not have the ability to store the trash can underneath the cabinets, consider purchasing one of the stainless steel trash cans. The mirror effect of the stainless will make the room look larger just as long as you don't get one that is too large for the kitchen. They are available in various shapes and sizes making sure you can find one that suites your kitchen. An alternative would be storing your trash can in the pantry if you have one in the kitchen.


Selecting the right kitchen rugs can really lighten up the kitchen making it look larger than it is. I would recommend purchasing rugs that are machine washable. This is not only for the obvious reason of cleaning them, but they are also cheaper and tend to last longer due to their design.

I know that downsizing isn't something that you are very fond of, but you have to work with the area you have. Small kitchens can be very attractive and appealing if they are decorated correctly. These are just a couple of things you can do if you are limited with space in your kitchen.

The kitchen trash can is often overlooked when we are getting the house ready for an event or family gathering. Kitchen trash cans are available in a wide variety of selections and styles. Many vendors are available online making the purchase that much easier.

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