Kids' Bedroom: How to Organize

Your patience will really be put to the test dealing with children's disorderliness. You are one lucky mother if you have a child who leaves his bedroom clean and tidy. However, this is very rare.

To avoid and to teach your child lessons on orderliness, it is not enough to nag him. One of the things you can do is have a list and post it on his headboard or on the door of his closet. Make a slogan on neatness and make it something light or funny. Children will appreciate it more if the slogan is more appropriate to their age. Do not forget to put pictures, too.

Next is to provide him with enough organizers. It may be that he does not have storage space for his things. Sometimes we tend to neglect this. Children would always love to have their toys in their room especially those between the ages of 4 - 12. If a child was given his own bedroom at a young age, he definitely would need his toys around him as they serve as his companion. Even children aged 7 - 12 have their own collections which they prefer to keep in their bedroom. Teenagers, too, have their own collections. They have magazines, CDs, make-up, all sorts of knick-knacks that are children's passions.

Third, provide him a small feather duster, broom, a dustpan and a trash can. This will remind him that he needs to do a little tidying up following the list that you posted on his closet door. The trash can will also remind him to throw bits of paper and rubbish in the can instead of just throwing it on the floor.

Choosing the suitable bedroom furniture
If your child's bed has the traditional structure (bed frame and mattress), buy some storage boxes. These plastic storage boxes come in different designs and height. They are equipped with wheels for easy pulling. Ensure that when you buy them, you measure the space under the bed that is from the bed frame to the floor. If his bedroom still has some space, you can opt to buy him storage boxes that have built-in drawers. It can be placed in one corner. The number of drawers varies depending on what you need.

If your resources will permit, get him a bed that has fitted drawers. Most modern beds are now built with drawers underneath.

Having custom-built shelves on the walls for his books, toys, and other items is another option. Use elaborate brackets so it will be like a display area of his toys, etc.

Check on the latest closets. Most of this modern furniture has divisions so clothes, socks, underwear, hankies, belts, hats, and other accessories can be stored. Ensure that he has ample space to hang his clothes especially the school uniforms.

If he uses his room to do his homework, provide him a small table and a desk lamp. Get a table that has drawers so he can keep his school items in it. You can get him a bench with drawers instead of a chair.

Lastly, do not do the tidying alone. Set a schedule with your child to do the cleaning together. This will teach him the proper way of tidying his room and is another way of bonding together. When you are through with your cleaning, make sure that you prepare a simple snack for yourselves.

Once you get this habit into his system, you will no longer have to remind him of his task. In fact, he will learn to appreciate the goodness of having a clean bedroom.

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