Interior Design Essentials - Effects Of Color

It's amazing what a little color can do. The experts at the Rohm and Haas Quality Paint Institute recommend using color to add life to an otherwise boring room. Make a statement with the right color to create a backdrop for your home's furnishings.
Although palette trends may change with the style and taste of the season, true color trends remain timeless. What's in today may be out tomorrow in the case of design, furnishings and accents, but if it's a mood you're trying to create rather than a design or particular style, than turn to color every time. Stick with these basic color trends every time to compliment very design:
Comfort Colors
The comfort color palette is a great choice for kitchens and family rooms since they wrap the room in warmth and comfort. The most common comfort colors include biscuit and wheat neutrals; cocoa browns, pumpkins oranges; and cinnamon apple pie shades.
Nature colors can be used as a subtle accessory or a bold accent. They are good for bathrooms and bedrooms since they evoke a sense of the outdoors. Nature hues include yellows, blues, greens, and organic browns. These shades are often used in conjunction with rich metallic or rust and copper accents.
Contrast Colors
Stark contrast colors such as deep reds and plums and brisk blacks and whites all add an elegant touch of sophistication to a room. Contrast colors can be used as an accent, or an elegant backdrop. They are often used with polished brass metallic as complimentary accessories in formal dining rooms, living areas or powder rooms.
When used correctly color can add a dimension to your design that would otherwise be lost. From bold and spicy to controlled and comfortable, color is the essence of design. Without it any room will look flat and lifeless no matter what the architectural design or furnishings.

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