Interesting Facts About Travertine Bathroom Tiles

Using travertine bathroom tiles for constructing or remodeling bathrooms has been a contentious issue with people doubting on the performance of this flooring in the area that receives heavy flow of water. In the opinion of the experts, none of the flooring available in the market can match with the water resistance capacity of the travertine stone. But most of the people are unknown to this face and for this reason they rely on whatever they are advised by their masons or retailers. If your bathroom remains damp all the time or it stinks then it's time to renovate it with travertine flooring.
Before you arrive at any decision on which tiles to use in your bathroom, educate yourself about the travertine and then you will understand what this natural stone can do for your bathroom. Travertine is calcium carbonate deposited under the rivers and streams. These water bodies carry calcium carbonate with them and deposit it at different places. Travertine is the huge mass of calcium carbonate deposited under these water bodies. It is excavated from under the water to make beautiful travertine bathroom tiles that you can install on the floor and walls of your bath area. These tiles are irresistible, durable and water proof.
Travertine bathroom tiles come in a variety of color and vein pattern. They can be cut into small pieces to make a background for plush bathroom fixtures. There are lighter shades, dark slabs and mosaic pieces. You can choose a tile variety according to your taste, bathroom design and theme. When it comes to decorate a bath area, one should apply one theme throughout the entire bath area. Using different themes may make the bathroom colorful but it can distract the attention of the user. A single theme will not only improve the look of the bathroom but also make it unique.
Setting travertine bathroom tiles is very easy as these slabs set decently on every surface. You can take some quality adhesive and try installing travertine blocks on your own. But it is always better to call expert masons for tiling job. Masons know how much adhesive to be applied on the tile and how much pressure to be put on the tile to fix it on the surface. Also they can grout the tiles properly. Travertine slabs require sealing because they are porous in nature. Expert masons can suggest you a good sealant for your bathroom floor and walls

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