Gas Safety In The Home - Is Your House Safe?

Ignoring Gas Safety Can Be Deadly!
Many people have no idea about or ignore the importance of gas safety in the home and this can be deadly! With some knowledge and taking some simple steps to ensure your home is safe, could save you and your family's life. The following are some gas safety tips.
Always use a gas safe registered engineer to carry out work on your gas appliances. Never, ever attempt to fit, fix or move a gas appliance yourself. It is illegal for you to do so and you could cause serious harm to yourself and others. It may save you some money, but it could cost you your life. Do not allow anybody else to work on your gas appliances. Even if they say that they have worked with gas before or have even been a registered engineer in the past. Apart from the fact that you will both be breaking the law, gas safety regulations may have change since he was registered last and the person may not be aware of this.
Have your appliances checked and serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineer. This could detect if there is any carbon monoxide leaking in your home. Having an annual check and service will also help your appliance to run efficiently, preventing breakdowns which cost money and are can be a huge inconvenience to you.
Do not block air vents, flues and chimneys. These allow gas to escape from your home, so always keep them clear. If you share a flue, why not share the responsibly of getting them checked every year to make sure that gas can escape from them.
When the engineer arrives, ask him to produce his card. All gas safe registered engineers should carry their card at all times. If they do not show their card, do not be afraid to ask to see it. On the card there will be a photo of the engineer, his licence number, a list of appliances he is qualified to work on and the expiry date of the card. If you are unsure of anything on the card, ask the engineer or phone gas safe register.
If you are a tenant, ask to see the gas safety record. Your landlord must, by law, have the gas appliances checked by a gas safe registered engineer every year and issue you with a copy of the record.
If there is a problem with a gas appliance, there could be carbon monoxide fumes leaking into your home. Carbon monoxide has no colour, smell or taste. Without a detector, you would never know this deadly gas is in your home. If you feel drowsy, develop headaches, feel nauseous, or out of breath, it may be because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Turn off your gas appliance, open the windows and contact a doctor straight away. You then need to get a registered engineer to check your gas appliances.
Have an audible carbon monoxide fitted in your home. You can buy one in most superstores and they don't cost a fortune. Having one can save your life by alerting you to the presence of carbon monoxide fumes in your home.
If you know or suspect that someone is working with gas illegally, report them to the Gas safe register immediately. They could cause serious injury even death!

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