Different Types of Carpets

Carpets have been used by us since ancient times for covering floors. They were used for sofa, chair, and table and even for decorating interiors of the wall. They also formed entrance veils. The church altars and vestry were also decorated using them.
A good carpet will give your room a comfy look. They have different types and this article will give you a view into the Carpet World.
Woven carpets
Woven ones are embodiment of quality. Knotted and flat weave fall under the category of woven carpets. Persian type falls under the knotted category. Density of knots and weave tightness help in judging the quality of this product. Neatness in pattern and durability can be ensured by dense knotting and tight weaving. Woven carpets are more labour intensive. If durability is what you are looking for than this woven floor covering is right for you. Lot of time is spend in weaving as the process is very complicated and hence it quite expensive.
Needle-felt carpets
Hotels, restaurant, school or places where there is high foot traffic Needle-felt carpet are used. With advancement of technology, Carpet World has been introduced with Needle-felt type. Every single fibre is produced by electrostatic attraction and through this process an exclusive piece is created. Synthetic fibre is the main raw material in this category. They do not lose their lustre and shine more brightly after every cleaning. Needle-felt can be produced in any size and shape. They can be used by individuals to give a personal touch to their apartments. Their installation cost is also quit affordable with comparison to other types of carpet.
Knotted carpets
Creating knotted variety requires special skills for clear and correct tying of the knots. Knots per square inch determine the quality of the hand-knotted types. Natural dyes are used in knotted carpets. Knotted piece of floor coverings are mostly made up of woollen pile. But the pile may also consist of camel hairs, goat hairs or cow hairs. Finest types of carpets are made of silk pile. Different combinations are also used like woollen pile and goat hair pile or silk combined with wool pile. The knots that define their quality are described as symmetrical and asymmetrical.
Tufted carpets
These are machine-made carpets and can be created in less time compared to hand-made. The machine used in this process is like a huge sewing machine. The strand of wool is punched into the canvas which is stretched on the frame. For extended life it is treated with some stain resistant chemical. These types are created using single coloured yarn or colourless yarn. Printing or dying process will be carried out separately when colourless yarn is being used. Not much skill is required for creating tufted carpets.
The carpet world consists of these basic types of carpets. There are few other varieties such as Saxony, textured Saxony, flat weave, hooked rug and cut and pile. Selection of floor covering should depend on its use and your budget.

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