Improve Kitchen Organization With a Bakers Rack

Chef Gordon's TV show Kitchen Nightmares could describe a lot of American homes. Even though the number of cabinets in a kitchen are at historic highs, they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of gadgets, accessories, cookware and foodstuffs that leave them bulging at the seams.
Who hasn't been unable to open a drawer in the kitchen because something has become jammed in it. Or open a cabinet, only to have pots, pans and lids coming spilling out.
The good news is you can easily improve kitchen organization with a bakers rack. These lovely pieces of furniture may hark back to the days of pioneers who used them to cool pies, but they are still a fantastic item to add to your kitchen or dining area, no matter how much space you used to have there.
The reason why you can improve kitchen organization with a bakers rack is pretty straightforward. It can give you a lot of extra storage for little extra square footage, certainly no more space than a large service cart. Bakers racks are tall and narrow in most cases, allowing you to improve kitchen organization with a bakers rack by going up, not out. This uses a lot of space that often just goes to waste above a lower piece of furniture, such as a chest or buffet.
When considering a bakers rack to give you more storage, you want to first find a style that compliments your décor. Let's face it, the most awesome rack in the world will look out of place if its style runs counter to your existing interior décor scheme. Fortunately, there are hundreds of models out there to choose from, from very traditional bakers racks that aren't much different than the ones our ancestors had to very modern designs with equally modern features.
If you have a bulky appliance that needs a new home to free up your counters, a bakers rack can do the trick. Usually, these racks have a large countertop in the center, perfect for an espresso maker or even a microwave. You can further improve kitchen organization with a bakers rack by locating accessory items on the rack, such as hanging your espresso cups off the rack and storing your coffees down below in a doored hutch.
This is one of the great things about a bakers rack. By considering the type of needs you have, you can get a rack that fills the bill perfectly. For instance, if you're a wine lover, you can get a baker's rack with wine bottle storage and a drawer for openers and foil cutters. On the counter, you can add cheese service utensils and a small marble slab for serving.
You can also improve kitchen organization with a bakers rack by moving your cookbooks to the rack. The space above, racks that once held cooling pies, is a great place to store your favorite cookbooks. You can also add canisters of baking goods there, such as flower or sugar.
Improve kitchen organization with a bakers rack further by using the space down below. You can get racks with a doored cabinet below which is perfect for hiding those more unsightly things you need when you cook, such as scales, baking pans or a rolling pin. If there are shelves below you can increase your storage capabilities even more by using the space for books, appliances and other items you use more frequently but won't make the kitchen look even messier.
Finally, you can get all the stuff out of those other drawers so you can open them easily by getting a bakers rack with a center drawer. This also makes a great junk drawer, which every family seems to have.

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