Now You Can Install A Fireplace Mantel in 6 Easy Steps!

Since you checked this article, I assume you are skilled enough to install a mantel piece on your own. If you are quite handy with tools, it is actually quite easy. You can even save a considerable amount of money along the way.
When installing your mantel, two key elements are crucial: a) observing the right distance of the mantel from the fire and b) making sure the mantel is securely attached to the wall.
Assuming that you already have the right mantel piece of your choice, here are 5 easy steps to guide you. Just make sure you follow each correctly.
You will need the following:
  • Tape Measure
  • Spirit Level
  • Drill
  • Masonry drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Circular saw
  • Screws
  • Wood Putty
Step 1 - Dry fit the Fireplace Mantel
Place your mantel piece against the fireplace, exactly in the spot where you want it positioned. Try to center it on the opening or firebox. You need to leave some clearance of at least 6 inches for safety measures. With the spirit level, check the level. You need to ensure that the shelf is level from front to the height of the mantel. You may need to put wooden shims under each leg until both levels are balanced.
Step 2 - Mark the Position
Now, mark the position of the fireplace mantel by tracing its outline with a pencil while it is still up against the wall. You may need to do the outlining several times just to be sure. This will make it easier for you to determine the placement of your wooden support called cleats later on.
Step 3 -The Cleats
Once the marking is finished, take the mantel piece down and lay it top-down on the floor. You now need to measure the width inside your shelf as well as the length inside the supporting legs to know the length of the horizontal and the vertical cleats. Using the circular saw, cut 2X4-inch-by-8-foot pieces of lumber to make your cleats. Dry fit them inside to ensure a snug fit.
Step 4 - Drilling the Pilot Holes
Before drilling, measure first the width of the mantel edges that will sit flush against the wall. Then inside the pencil scribe of the mantel's outline, mark the distance where you wish to hang the cleats. With the spirit level, connect the dots.
While holding the cleats in place, use the hammer to bore evenly spaced five holes through the cleat boards and into the brick. Switching to the screwdriver drill bit, screw in the screws into the pre-drilled cleat boards and fireplace bricks. Do the same process to the rest of the cleat legs.
Step 5 - Installing the Mantel
Install the mantel piece on the wall. Make sure that you line it up with the fireplace around the support cleats. Use the hammer and screwdriver to screw in the finishing screws on the top of the mantel piece into the cleat. Countersink them slightly to hide them from view. Repeat the same process with each of the mantel legs.
Step 6 - Finishing Touches
To disguise the holes left by the screws, fill them in with wood putty or decorative plugs that match your mantel piece. This will give your mantel piece the professional look.
You can further customize your fireplace mantel by placing family portraits and other accents on its shelf. Or better yet, spruce up your hearth by investing in functional and decorative fireplace accessories for an even charming and enjoyable fireplace experience.

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