Create Great Rooms and Gardens

In creating a cozy heaven, most of us spend most of our budget on furniture, furnishings and color, trying to make our rooms perfect. We know that bare walls are out and so we will put out some artwork and interesting displays. In the garden, we will invest time and money on lawns, shrubs and trees. However, there are three other elements that move a room or garden from good to great and blah to wow that we can add.
Add one exclamation mark!
This requires you to bring in something dramatic to the room to you are decorating or your garden. Inside, your exclamation mark could be part of your focal point, such as a feature wall, a fireplace or a lovely view. However, when you think exclamation mark, you need to think of dramatizing a space, stopping people in their tracks and making them take it all in. exclamation marks are all about taking your breath away. A stately chandelier can be an exclamation mark, as can a statue in an ornate headboard. In the garden, an unusual tree, statue or water feature work as great exclamation mark.
Add living things
Human beings respond instinctively to nature and the Chinese art of feng chui in which placement affects the energy in a home has become popular in decorating because it emphasizes this. Think about adding a plant, seasonal flowers, an aquarium or even a water feature to your home. Living things refresh a room and help improve the moods of its occupants. In the garden, use plants that invite birds, butterflies, bees to visit. Life has its own cycle of checks and balances. Work with it by maintaining a healthy ecosystem by using organic manure and pesticides.
Add something unusual
Rooms where everything matches everything else, and nothing is out of place are slightly unsettling. Every great room could use the inclusion of something quirky that sparks interest and generates conversation. However, keep in mind that unusual is not to be confused with weird. Unusual is something slightly out of the ordinary. When you think unusual, think something that one would not ordinarily find. For example, using an old teapot for growing herbal plants. A neat row cushions can be interrupted by one in a different color, thrown into the sofa instead of arranged. In a bathroom, a lovely console that one would only expect to find in a living room or hallway can hold toiletries. It is unusual in the bathroom. In the garden, unusual objects could include a discarded bath tub that now houses potted plants or even an old signpost. A mirror in the garden tricks the eye but it is also a little unusual.

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