An Introduction To Wall Tiles

It is said that the first impression is the last impression and there is no denying to this fact. When we visit a place take for example a mall, the first thing we see is the decorated walls. Multiplexes, malls and shopping complexes pay much attention towards decorating their walls because they know that the customer hate seeing dull walls when are moving around the complex. The decoration refreshes their mind and prompts them to move deep inside the complex. Same thing can be said about home. When someone visits your home, he judges your interior decoration by looking at the walls. The thing that can transform the look of your home is wall tiles. These glossy slabs can do magic for your home.
The concept behind using wall tiles is decorating the interior of a home without adding much stuff to the home. These slabs shine like a mirror but the best is thing is this that you can produce awesome pictures using these pieces. With these pieces, you can accentuate a particular portion of your home like kitchen backsplash, shower area and fireplace. This is called cosmetic renovation in which one doesn't remodel the entire surface but only a portion of the wall. If you have budget constraints then you should consider cosmetic remodelling rather than going for full renovation.
A survey of the market can reveal how many kinds of wall tiles are available and what are their peculiarities. There are ceramic tiles, porcelain pieces and marble mosaic slabs. Also there are quartz, glass and vinyl slabs. You can choose one that suits to your need and budget. The most popular tile is ceramic because it has all the qualities a home owner can expect. It is very cost effective and one can install ceramic pieces with a few helping hands. Ceramic slabs are manufacturer by heat and pressure technique. They are heated at high temperatures and kept at unbearable pressure. The process makes them very hard wearing and water resistant. If you are willing to expend lavishly then you should go for marble slabs.
Wall tiles can make a difference to the interior and exterior of your home. These pieces can be used liberally all over the home as they can sustain summer heat, winter chill, acidic rain water, frost and hailstorm. They are much better than the paint because no paint in the world can withstand moisture.

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