Indian Inspired Decor: The Fundamentals

Indian inspired décor is characterized by ornate architecture, bold colors, and an overall feeling of vibrancy. Lavish art and accessories are common elements of Indian themed décor designs. Inspiration for design ideas may be drawn from Indian clothing (i.e. saris), Bollywood movies, and books and magazines.
The first step in decorating a room with an Indian inspired theme is to select the color palette. Bright jewel tones are the most common examples of the Indian color palette, including red, gold, orange, purple, green, and turquoise. One color should be chosen as the base color, and the rest of the color palette can be incorporated into the room through the use of fabrics, textiles, and accessories. A focal point may be created within the room by painting an accent wall in a different, but complementary, color. However, this focal point may also be created by artfully draping fabric across the wall or using a textile with an interesting pattern.
The second step in designing Indian inspired décor is to determine the architectural elements that one would like to display in the room. Crown molding, ceiling medallions, and elaborately carved door frames are common design elements in this type of décor. Most design experts recommend painting these pieces white, so that they provide a unifying element throughout the room. The next item to take into consideration is the draperies. The draperies should reflect bold colors and patterns, such as gold thread embroidery or beaded embellishments over rich, jewel tones.
Artwork featured throughout the room should be displayed in ornately carved frames to create an element of visual interest. Alternately, one may choose to paint a henna inspired design on a length of canvas or frame an eye-catching piece of fabric. Everyday throw pillows may be dressed up by affixing beading or fringe to their hem, or a person may choose to create their own throw pillows out of saris. Likewise, bookcases and doorways may be decorated with beaded curtains. Other accessories that one may use to decorate an Indian inspired room include floor pillows, Indian ceremonial masks, Persian rugs, and mahogany carvings.
Finally, consider swapping out the existing lighting fixtures in a room for a more ornate chandelier. The scale of the chandelier should be on par with the size of the room, to avoid dwarfing the space. Many homeowners like to choose chandeliers that feature crystal pendants in their design, because the pendants are adept at reflecting the various colors of the room. Indian inspired décor follows the principle that "more is more", you do not need to worry about going overboard with accessories, colors, or textures so long as the room being decorated is still functional and livable.
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