Home Bar Ripoff Artists

Back in the day, I always had some friends helping me build my bars. We would get together. Have a good time. By the end of the day, a bar stood where an empty room used to be.
But then, I started getting into building bars by myself. I would work long distances away from my home. So, I really couldn't take my friends along with me.
But now, it's come full circle. I'm back to calling my friends because the need for home bars has become local again. I still go out of town. But more often than not, I can stay home and build bars from right here in town. But even now, there are some scams that you'll have to avoid when building a home bar and enlisting help.
You think you have friends until you get a little fame in you for building home bars. That's when they all want a piece of that pie. I used to be able to buy a case of beer and offer my friends pizza for helping me build a bar. You know, the standard moving fee.
But now, if I call them they want me to build them a bar. They have some neat idea for a bar out back or in the kitchen. I ask them what's wrong with the bar they already have. But, they always want more. They can't just have one bar. They have to have one in every room. Sound familiar?
Not Working
So, we've negotiated our fee. They get a small bar in the garage and they're on their way to help me out with a new job. I still have to buy the beer and pizza. But, at least I have some help.
Some help is the wrong word. I have people standing around watching me do all the work. They like to tell me what to do while they sit in the corner relaxing. I shouldn't build them their bar. Maybe that will get them to work a little more for me.
Drinking All the Beer
But, the thing that really bites my butt is that they drink all the beer. I negotiated a great deal with them, from their standpoint. Then, I did all the work on the bar when I could have used their help.
Now, I'm finished the job and I look to see that there isn't one beer left. Normally, we have a rule. You can't drink a man's last beer. But, that doesn't apply here because they think they've earned the right to drink all the beer and not leave me any.
I love my friends. I swear if I didn't, I wouldn't even be telling you about any of this stuff. But, I have to get it off my chest somehow. Keep it between you and me!

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