Furniture for Your Hallway

First impressions are lasting impressions, and the hall inside the front door is that first impression. What a perfect place to express your individual flair and keep the clutter down with innovative, charming and beautiful hallway furniture. Wouldn't a bench seat and coat rack be just perfect for the foyer instead of the hooks in the wall the previous resident put up?
It's a bit of a mystery how a lot of hall spaces get ignored as if they're some sort of shirttail cousin. But just because it's not a room doesn't mean it's not an incredibly important space.
Consider the hall between the bedrooms. Everything passes back and forth through the bedroom hall - clean laundry, dirty laundry, briefcases, book bags, purses, so forth and so on. The bedroom hall is a clearing centre for life, and yet, it is often completely overlooked. A narrow table with some drawers and a shelf would make the hall - and your life! - organized. It would also beautify the space.
A hallway is a fantastic place to dress up with a display case or display cabinet. As display cabinets are generally narrow, they are perfect for an otherwise dark or dreary hall. Hallways rarely have windows and a lighted display cabinet, housing your precious collection of beanie babies, trophies, Hummels, photographs or awards can really add a note of light and interest, while highlighting something special about you, your life, your interests or your family.
The other area that has a huge function with little 'thank you' is the hall in the laundry area or to the back door. Mud boots, gardening gloves, back yard jackets, perhaps some yard tools or sporting equipment lives here. These items get throw on, grabbed up, flung off and thrown down. This is the perfect spot for an attractive, easy-to-access bench with big, open basket-type drawers.
Even if your space is small, there's always a corner in a hall that can be put to use and add great charm and interest to an otherwise blah space with a corner cabinet, or even simply a corner shelf, hung up on the wall. Triangular spaces are fun to work with, and a little triangle drawer for the extra set of keys is nothing short of perfect.
But don't forget the finishing touches. Baskets add function and beauty, a doormat can just lie there, or it can make a real statement and a mirror will add the look of spaciousness and light to any space. Plus, it lets you make sure you've smoothed down that cowlick before going out to face the world.

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