Popular Types of Water Walls

Since water walls require no floor space, they are practical for every room of any size or peculiar shape. Individuals who love the look of water fountains but know that a floor model would get in the way or become a water bowl for the dog now have the option to mount one on the wall.

Types of Wall Water Fountains
Art - These are water walls you certainly don't see every day even though they are some of the most sensational pieces you'll find. Can't decide between a canvas and a water feature? These are perfect for you! Although most are two-dimensional protected canvases that feature a steady stream of water over top, there are also some that are three-dimensional as well. Art water walls are what you buy when you really want to make people talk and leave a lasting impression on your guest.

Horizontal - Have a large empty wall you just don't know what to do with? Horizontal water fountains are the answer! They are wider than they are long so they'll make that vacant wall look a bit more inviting. Horizon Falls makes some beautiful ones if you're looking for a more traditional water feature made with raw materials like slate, marble, stainless steel or copper. Alternatively, you will also find that there are art water walls in this variety as well.

Vertical - These types of water fountains are completely opposite of the horizontal variety. Their design and shape typically force the eyes to read top to bottom which offers the illusion of a taller wall. These are also available in an array of sizes; some even fit from your ceiling to the floor and if you think fountains of this size are reserved for casinos and high-end spas, think again!

Logo - Any type of business can greatly benefit from having their name or logo added to a water feature. When visitors think of your fountain later, your logo will be permanently etched in their mind.

Popular Materials

If you haven't started shopping for water walls yet, you may be surprised to find that the material combinations seem to be endless. Copper and stainless steel are both very popular trims that look spectacular around many types of materials.

You will discover that slate is a very hot choice right now either in green or rajah. However, marble has become just as popular in rainforest green, rainforest brown and black spider. Are you someone who changes their d├ęcor often? Choose a versatile option like mirror or glass that will adapt to your new themes and color palettes.

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Water Walls look fabulous in any size room no matter what theme or color palette is offered. Since they're out of the way, they don't take up valuable floor space and certainly won't be tripped over. You can find them as horizontal, vertical or even artistic varieties in an array of colors. For further details, please visit Water Fountains.

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