Wall Tiles - Intelligent Grouting Can Produce Great Design

A huge variety of wall tiles is available in the market and you can find all kinds of slabs including vibrant colored pieces, hand painted tiles, large squares and small rectangular pieces. Homeowners put more focus on the beauty of the slabs and overlook the grout that can also play a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of your home. Grout is considered a mean thing but actually it is the heart and soul of slabs as it protects them from moisture. Grout is used after tiling and it is considered filler. But creative and intelligent use of this filler can transform the look and feel of your home.

Install light colored or white wall tiles and grout them with colored grout. White slabs and dark yellow grout will be a nice combination for your study. Yellow and white being cool colors will help you in concentrating on your studies and also soothe your eyes whenever you will look pensively on the wall. Light blue colored slabs and pink grout lines will be just perfect for cooking area. The blue color will set the mood for cooking delicious meals and the pink color will give you the power to give your best as a cook. You can also choose white slabs and blue grout for kitchen.

There can be many combinations and you will be amazed to know that a perfect combination of wall tiles and grout can make home renovation a cost effective affair. If you are putting more focus on grout lines then you need not invest in expensive marble or granite slabs as affordable ceramic pieces will be as good as expensive stone pieces. Buy some inexpensive ceramic slabs and decorate them with matching or contrasting color grout to produce a unique design. You can shop around to get the best deal on slabs. Some online stone and tiles stores are offering lucrative discount on selected ceramic varieties. You can buy them if they interest you.

Matching ordinary looking wall tiles with colored grout lines is a great idea to renovate your home in a cost effective way. But you need to spend some dollars in hiring experts' services. Only old hands can do perfect grouting that can stay put for years. Grouting is no rocket science but you should know how to make the right grout paste and how much paste to put in the gaps. Also the grout lines should look uniform and parallel otherwise all your labor will go in vain.

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