Discount TV Stands - Tips To Help You Choose The Right Unit For Your Situation

TV Stands are a hot item right now. Never have there been so many choices. Taking a few moments to analyze your situation will save you a ton of time when shopping. You'll also be able to avoid those pesky sales people.
The first consideration is the size of your television. Do you already own the set or are you buying a stand to go along with your new television purchase? You should note the overall width of the television. Make sure you don't use the screen measurement, since TV screens are measured diagonally. Some TV's have stereo speakers built into the cabinet that extend several inches beyond the screen.
Although there are some exceptions, most TV's look better if the base it rests on is larger than the TV. It gives it more of a balanced look. It also tends to look more stable than when the edge of the TV extends past the stand. It also protects the TV from being accidentally struck by someone walking past or when vacuuming the room. Striking the TV may cause a dent or scratch in the cabinet or in some cases, may knock the TV off the stand and destroy it.
The next consideration is how many components do you own or plan to use? Most people use a cable TV box or satellite box. Some have a DVR, DVD player and a gaming console. Many have a stereo receiver and separate components for a CD player, tape player and some people even have turntables. Count up the pieces to get an idea of how many you want to house in your new TV console.
You may want to leave a couple of spaces open in your new cabinet. This improves air-flow for heat dissipation and also takes into account you may want to add the newest components when they come out.
You should also buy a cabinet that allows room for air flow around your components. Don't try to pack everything as tight as possible and never stack components that get hot. Restricting the air flow means your components may overheat and turn themselves off unexpectedly. It also shortens their life. In extreme cases there may even be a danger of catching fire although that is far from normal.
The next thing to consider is whether you want an open or closed cabinet. Open cabinets are generally like shelves in a small bookcase. This is generally good for the equipment because the air flow used for cooling isn't restricted. On the other hand, the equipment is more susceptible to dust or other contaminants. Someone might even spill a drink on them which could ruin thousands of dollars worth of equipment.
A closed cabinet is more protective but also more expensive. Closing the cabinet protects the equipment but also restricts the airflow. It is very important to leave space between and around your components. The best entertainment consoles have ventilated shelves to improve the cool operation of your stereo and TV equipment. Some even leave a place for you to install a small computer fan to force cool air across the surfaces.

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