Why Not Install a Drop-Dead Gorgeous High Gloss Kitchen in Your Home?

If you want your kitchen to look sleek and glossy like a photo out of a magazine, you can have it with a careful choice of cabinets, worktops, flooring materials, and a well-thought out overall design. There's nothing quite as stunning as today's high gloss kitchens, and they all rely on a few simple rules to create that slick modern look.
One of the easiest ways to get a great contemporary gloss kitchen is to choose contrasting colours. For example, using black gloss kitchen cabinets to contrast with a white worktop, or using white gloss kitchen cabinets to contrast with a black worktop. If such extreme opposites aren't for you but you still want a look that will deliver the same eye-popping impact, you can explore cream gloss cabinets which look great contrasted with natural woods. It's easy to go overboard, so be sure to keep everything balanced. You don't need a perfect ratio of one colour to another, but consulting an expert to help you find that sweet spot is always an asset.
There's more than one way to create a stunning high gloss kitchen. Many choose to use glossy woods all over, and then choose a bolder worktop or splashback to really make the natural beauty of the wood stand out. You can use different shades, patterns, and lighting to create this effect as well, giving you an incredible degree of flexibility and versatility.
Choosing a colour to highlight can really give high gloss kitchens a special quality. Generally, it's best to choose just one bold colour and keep it consistent across the blacks, whites, and woods and stainless steel accents that you may have. Choosing a gloss kitchen cabinet colour and keeping everything else subtle and very dark or very light can create a magical room that really stands out. Speaking of stainless steel accents, almost all contemporary high gloss kitchens are perfect for stainless steel. Sinks, refrigerators, and accents all integrate perfectly, but black and white appliances can still look great too.
The big take-away is that high gloss kitchens need balance. You need something bold, but if the whole kitchen is too bold then it may be garish or hard to integrate into the rest of the house. When choosing colours, remember that your contemporary kitchen will be ripe with aggressive angles and appealing geometric shapes, so you don't need to go overboard choosing the brightest colours or the most intricate wood patterns.
Don't focus too heavily on any one element; you need to consider how they will all work together. If you absolutely, positively must have a certain colour; keep in mind that you may be limiting the selection of components that will pair well with it. That said, there are exceptions to every rule, and thinking outside of the box can lead to fantastic results. As long as you have fun with it and you like what you see, that's all that matters.

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