Wedding Gift Ideas for the Home

Many couples getting married need items for their new home together, practical items that will last over time and yet will be useful. Items that will be functional in the kitchen, bathroom or indeed, any room in the home. Think about the items in your home that you like to use often or bring out on special occasions because they are special to you, think about which products can be bought cheaply by an individual but if a little more money is spent on them, they last longer and are appreciated more if they are received as a gift.
A clock is a useful addition to any room, whether it is a wall clock in the kitchen, a mantel clock in the sitting room, an alarm clock in the bedroom or an unusual clock in the hall. Some clocks even double as notice boards or chalk boards - making it even more practical wedding gift and somewhat unusual.
Let them eat Cake!
Pretty cake stands make a wedding gift that can either be used on special occasions or whenever cake is made to turn a lovely cake into a special occasion. There is a lovely selection of cake stands available now from tiered cake stands, tall glass cake stands, decorative tall stands, floral cake plates - the variety is immense.
Chopping Boards
A good quality wooden chopping board is a useful wedding gift that will last a lifetime. Heavy and durable, the Bunbury boards are a wonderfully individual gift from Ireland as each chopping board carries a unique code, hence the couple can find out the history of the tree their chopping board was derived from - from the type of wood it is, the age of the tree, where it fell and when the chopping board was made. A truly unique wedding gift.
Kitchen Utensils
Kitchen utensils are not necessarily a common wedding gift but kitchen utensils are needed in every home and will be an item that every home-maker needs. Choose a set of Elevate kitchen tools by Joseph Joseph that come in a box - brightly coloured and with an innovative weighted handles that ensure the head is always lifted off the surface when the utensil is laid flat. A Nest of Mixing bowls and measuring spoons are funky, convenient and space-saving.
Irish Wedding blessings
'May the Sun shine warm upon your face ' is a lovely traditional Irish blessing meaning meaning may there always be sunshine and happiness in your life as well as good, calm weather! This blessing, as well as others, is now available in a contemporary typographical print that can be placed on the wall and will look perfect in both traditional and modern homes.
These wedding gift ideas are not only practical but they are also personal and will demonstrate that the giver of these gifts thinks highly of the lucky recipients

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