Make Your Own Roman Shades

If you are looking for a new treatment for your windows that is both elegant and useful, then you should go for roman shades. They look undoubtedly better than plastic shades, and are cheaper than most of common window shades on the market. You can buy them from department stores or from the internet, as there are many websites, which sell this type of shades in a large variety. However, if you want to save as much money as you can, then you should choose to make them yourself. In this article you will find out how to make roman shades without spending too much time or money and moreover, effortlessly.
First, you will have to measure your window with accuracy, as no one will like an unfitted pair of shades for their window. Therefore, you should measure the height and the width of the inside frame of the window and take notes to make sure you will not fail, because the process can be challenging. However, if you would like the shades to cover more than just the window frame, then measure the whole surface that you want to be covered by the shades. After you did the measurements, you have to buy the material you will need for the coverings. Before you go to the first shop and buy them, you need to consider the amount of fabric needed in your process on how to make roman shades. You will need other materials also, such as dowels for setting your shades in place. For that, you will need to divide the height of each shade equally with a free space of no more than nine inches between them. Now that you have completed this step, you can go further on choosing the fabric you wish to enhance your windows with. Of course, this step depends on your preferences; however, you should have in mind some essential aspects. Roman shades are known for their pro-privacy feature. This means it will keep curious neighbors away, but also the sunrays. If you live in an area characterized by hot summer days, then roman shades made from thick material will be the best choice, as they will keep your room cooler during the summer days, and will act as an insulator, keeping the warmth inside when during the cold days of winter. In addition, you should make a mind-picture with your room, as you should choose roman shades that will suit with the color of your furniture, carpets or wall painting.
After you followed the instructions for how to make roman shades, you can bring it to the next level, and try them for the rest of your house, as roman shades are truly the most beautiful window coverings

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