Is Your Home Sellable?

Homeowners must first open their minds to the idea that it is not their home but a set stage. It is necessary to remove any personal evidence that they actually live there. The goal is to make the home homey yet impersonal to appeal to the masses. It can look like a picture from a Pottery Barn magazine.
Look for the right Stager. Look for an accredited staging professional. This generally means that this professional has gone through some training. However, this is not necessary because there will be Stagers that have more experience than the basic training. You can obtain names from realtors in your area. When you find a Stager, be sure to view their portfolio of before-and-after photos and ask for references.
Establish a budget plan. Coordinate a budget with the Stager. Stagers normally charge $100 to $500 to walk through your home and make recommendations. You can then execute the plan yourself or hire the Stager to do it for an hourly fee, usually $70 to $150, plus the cost of new paint or furnishings. If big changes are necessary, costs can add up. Try to take the advice of the Stagers who generally know the best 'bang for your buck'.
Find out whether your realtor can pay for this service. If you're looking at a full 6% commission to pay the realtor, you may have some play on negotiations. Some realtors are more than happy to pay for staging because they know that it works.
Post Your Pictures of Your Home Online. Most buyers do their search on the Internet. It is important to have an online presence of 20 photos showing the best features of your home. This will surely get attention and double your chances of interested buyers.
Provide Incentives. If you want to entice your potential buyers, besides lowering the price, you can offer to cover the buyer's closing cost or offering to pay the firsts year's property tax or association fees. Free offers such as these generally appeal to most people because too often they run short of cash when making a substantial purchase such as a home. You can also throw in a $1,000 gift certificate as a bonus, even for the buyer's agent. You may also pay close attention to what the potential buyers sees in the home that they particularly like such as a refrigerator, pool table, plasma, furniture, large plants, etc. and offer them as an incentive. Be sure to first check with lenders approval on disclosing any gifts.
Quality is everything. Even though people are searching for foreclosures in normally run-down conditions, everyone still would like to seize the best bang for their buck. It would behoove you to hire an inspector to find any problems that may be addressed before you put your home up for sale. Leaky faucets, for example, are indicators that things are in disrepair.
Alert the Media. List your home on the Internet in as many areas as possible. Ask your Realtor for help in this area as they can put you on an enhanced listing. You may consider sites such as Craig list or any social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc.
Keep Your Home Ready For Showing. You never know when potential buyers want to see the house. It may be when you least expect them and you could loose that perfect opportunity. Buyers are more unpredictable these days than ever before and if they can't see the home on their time, they're likely to skip to the next available showing. So, be prepared and plan each day as if someone will drop in any time. Make the beds, empty the trash, clear the sinks, and put the dishes away. Make your home shine over the rest of your competition.
Katherine Estrada is a successful home business entrepreneur with a creativity flare, and she wants to be able to share her techniques with others.

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