How to Decorate a Living Room With White Walls

White is the perfect color for those residing in condominiums, apartments, and townhouses as this will make it look bigger. Signifying purity and orderliness, white also expresses freedom and liberty. It makes the room feel more airy and fresh. Decorating a living room with white walls offers many options.
Choose a theme for the living room
The style of the room will determine the needed colors and materials for your living room furniture. Generally, you can choose between two designs: contemporary or conventional styles. You can also opt for country or urbane designs. Any color will blend well with white walls. All you need to do is blend the colors of the furniture and decide on the look of the room.
A Warm and Friendly Atmosphere
Light and pastel colors fit both big and small living rooms. Since you also use your living room for entertaining guests, it must give off a hospitable and welcoming feeling. This will also foster a better set up whenever the family spends time together in the living room. Colors for your furniture can range from light beige, dirty white or cream. Throw pillows, accentuations, drapes, and floor rugs may be in soft colors of yellow, pink or red.
A Refined and Elegant Style
For contemporary looks, get red and black furniture for your home. They are not only modern and stylish; they also give off a look of grandness and opulence. You may choose to buy a red sofa with black throw pillows. Have a black coffee table with a red area rug. Striped, checkered and circular patterns of alternating black and red colors will also pose a chic and daring appeal in the room. You can also match black with cream-white hues instead of red as this also fosters a sophisticated atmosphere in the room.
Be Adventurous and Free-spirited
To achieve a daring look in your white-walled living room, choose strong and deep colors for your furniture. Create contrast and choose varying shades of colors. Create dramatic clashes of colors but do not go too far so as not to make the design look disturbing and dizzying. Use different patterns, textures, and materials.
A Country-Style Home
Pale colors are perfect to match with white walls if you go for country-style living rooms. You can also opt for nature colors like green, brown and blue. Green is especially effective in relieving fatigue particularly for the eyes. Choose floral prints for your throw pillows, curtains, and area rugs. Get ocean and sea paintings to give life to your white walls. Get plants that are easy to care for.
Another benefit you can get from having white walls is having lower electricity bills. White walls illuminate the room so you do not have to turn on the light often. You just have to do so when it is already blatantly dark.
Decide on the kind of look you want your living room to have. Preferably, the style and colors should express your personality. Remember to get furniture and accentuations that will direct the attention of guests away from the whiteness of the wall. Decorate the room accordingly so as not to make it look like a hospital. The secret is to balance out the whiteness with other hues so as the white color will not dominate the room.

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