Engineered Wood Fiber - Surfacing For The Child's Safety

You cannot control the carefree nature of the children, but you can take appropriate measures to ensure their safety. Engineered wood fiber is one such product which can make reliable playground surfacing and protect the children from any kind of injury.
There are several occasions when you see the children falling hard on their knees, elbows or backs while playing. And you cannot help them from falling even if you have got the best reflexes. Well, you need not be scared. Let them fall. Because there is an engineered wood fiber surfacing to take care of them. With playgrounds surfaced with engineered wood fiber, the children have the opportunity to play with freedom.
In the United States, more than 3/4th of all children playgrounds are surfaced with this type of fiber. The safe and stable ground that it provides for children has made the product so much in demand. Apart from this, unlike wood chips, pea gravel, sand and rubber mulch, engineered wood fiber surfacing is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which provides smooth and easy mobility for the wheelchairs.
This fiber is a type of organic surfacing for children playgrounds. In processing this fiber, wood is shredded into specific ratios and sizes through the sieves. The final product is tested and checked on several properties like size, particle aspect ratio, and any toxic chemicals to meet the ASTM international standard F2075. Furthermore, it is important to know that engineered wood fiber is not 'mulch' or 'wood chips'. Rather, it is made of virgin wood. Owing to its fine pieces and non-sharp edges, this fiber provides perfect playground surfaces for children of 2 to 5 years of age.
In choosing surfacing for children playgrounds, you should give paramount importance to their quality and the depth.
Quality: You should be well aware of the quality of the engineered wood fiber while sourcing. Ensure that fiber is certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers' Association (IPEMA) and ASTM International. All these make the engineered wood fiber free from staples, nails and hazardous metals like mercury, lead and arsenic. Taking little care in checking all these certifications will help you to ensure sound and reliable surfacing for the children's safety.
Depth: Apart from checking the quality, you should check the surface depth of the playgrounds. With minimum of 9 inches depth, this fiber provides the finest and safest playground surfacing. And also make sure that the area of engineered wood fiber surfacing spreads out to no less than 6 feet around any structure in all four directions. If installed under the strict guidance of experts and properly compressed, this fiber surfacing enables the wheelchairs and strollers to ply over it making it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
You must always play attention to quality before buying a product. It is advisable to check the surfaces available on the web and source the best one. Choose the best quality engineered wood fiber to make the children's playground safe and reliable

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