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Has it been a while since you thought about using wallpaper in your house or apartment? Maybe it's time to revisit what's on offer. Certainly, I know my earliest memories were of gaudy, tangy 70s prints guaranteed to induce a fainting spell for the most hardy of eyes! Thankfully, times have changed and the range of high quality wallpapers has increased to accommodate a range of tastes and budgets, as well as the everyday type wallpapers produced by the traditional manufacturers, a plethora of designer brands now grace the portfolios of Interior design companies and specialist interior shops. But who should you be putting on your walls?
One of my all time favourite British wallpaper design companies, Osborne & Little (who incidentally design some great fabrics as well) have a range of wallpaper designs that are guaranteed to give any room that 'Wow' factor. Their 'Grand tour' collection inspired by the artistic and architectural treasures of Italy gives one a sense of being surrounded by discovered treasures from times gone by not to mention some of the other elegant and ornate structures.
If you're looking to decorate a child's bedroom with something that will fire the imagination of a young mind, you might want to take a look at the Osborne & Little 'Zagazoo' range. These designs, taken from the book with the same name by Author Quentin Blake, really do evoke a feeling of childhood fantasy. Beautifully printed with delightful images in bright vibrant colours, these wallpapers will put a smile on even the most demanding of little faces.
Another of their exceptional wallpaper ranges, 'Teatro' offers something much more contemporary with a range of modern designs taking inspiration in part from Arabesque Trellis and geometric patterns in cool creams and gold to the more eye-catching and mature two-tone metallic and glitter floral emblems. This range is an accolade to the style and sophistication of Osborne & Little and will, without a doubt make any wall look like it should take centre stage in a Classic Italian theatre set!
Of course, Osborne & Little has not abandoned their existing range of luxury wallpapers and continues to offer their outstanding 'Album' collections. One particularly interesting album, Album number 5, offers homeowners a truly awe-inspiring range of 90 different wallpapers to choose from. You will find everything here, from Oriental scenes through to the classic botanic inspired prints in a range of beautiful and calm-inducing colours. As for the other albums, you'll just have to take a look for yourself - just be sure to allow enough time as you won't want to put the sample books down!
Having had the pleasure to browse these gorgeous wallpapers, I know that it will not be long before at least one of them graces a room in my own house, but the question now is which one will I eventually decide upon?
Perhaps there's a deserving second room after all.

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