Creating A Bathroom Floor Plan - Where Should You Start?

Are you planning to build your dream house? Have you selected the type of house to construct and the theme to have? Do you have floor plans for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room?
Did you know that your bathroom plays an important role in your life? Like any other parts of your house, it is equally important as your bedroom, living room, kitchen and outdoor space because it is where you take a bath, where you cleanse yourself, where you relax and where you rejuvenate after a stressful day from the office or from school.
If you want to have a special bathing area, you need to create a floor plan in order for you to know where to place the bath and shower fixtures. If you want to create one on your own, then you might want to follow the tips and suggestions mentioned below.
What is the importance of having a bathroom floor plan?
Like any other parts of your home, this plan is also needed in designing, decorating or renovating your bath and shower area. In that way, you can assess the arrangement and location of every bath and shower furniture pieces and fixtures that you intend to have inside the room.
Did you know that bathroom floor plans are not standard and they do not follow any benchmarks? Even though designing a floor plan is fun to do, you also have to consider several things to make it easier for you. No matter what design you incorporate, be sure to allocate your available space, and, of course, it should look great. Also, make sure that it reflects your personality and taste. If you lack knowledge on what floor plan is and what it looks like, you can always surf the Internet to find existing samples. You can also ask your architect to let you see one. Seeing several samples is a good way of starting your own floor plan and the best way to avoid making mistakes.
Before you begin your task, you have to consider certain things to make your task easier:
* Floor - Bathroom flooring is the most vital aspect in your floor plan. If you have a small space, you should consider smaller tiles. In the same way, opt for bigger tiles for a bigger room. You do not need to worry about the type of tiles you need to buy as you can choose from variety of floor tiles found in stores such as vinyl, ceramic, stone, terracotta or porcelain. If you want to create a calming effect, choose lighter shades of tiles like blue, pink, white or green. If you want to achieve an expensive look for your bathroom, marble, granite and terracotta are great choices.
* Bathroom layout - Layout is another important aspect in a floor plan because it shows the location of every bath and show fixture inside the room. Be sure to place the toilet bowl farthest from the door. Place two faucet sink if you want two people to use the room. Be sure to install the shower and bathtub separately and never forget to have an exhaust fan in your bath area. Be sure not to overcrowd the room by placing too many fixtures inside.
* Accessories - Before buying any bath accessories, you should consider whether you want to have a modern room or the traditional look. Whatever accessories you buy, be sure to pick those which are stain and moisture resistant because the room will be damp most of the time. Remember to measure the available space first before you buy anything to avoid flaws and errors.

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