Aquaponics Made Easy - How to Grow 10 Times More Plants on the Same Surface Area!


Aquaponics can be made easy - despite the complicated schematics you have probably seen. If you look at a photo of a commercial aquaponics system you will think that it is something too complicated to replicate. Nothing can be further form the truth. In fact, there is a new an improved way to go about this, so that the whole system will run about 10 times more efficiently. Keep reading to learn more.

As we said, building an aquaponics system is simple and easy. However, you still have to know what you are doing. Despite the simplicity of the system, 90% of people why try to build their own system, fail. That's because they miss something minor, but which has a compound effect - like a lack of nutrients for the plants. Many people find that after a couple of months, the leaves of their plants turn yellow or brown. That's a nutrient deficiency. Still, making your own system is a lot better than buying one. That's mainly because of the cost - a DIY system will cost about 20 times less than a store-bought one, and it will be interesting, entertaining, and educational.

Aquaponics made easy - what are the possible choices?
You can build a compound or single system. In a single system, the roots of the plants are often submerged in the same water as the fish, and have some kind of a porous surface between them. In a more complicated system, fish and greens are housed in different tanks. Both methods are very scalable and can be build inside a backyard or inside your house.

What's the purpose of such a system?
In industrial terms - efficiency and lack of responsibility. In practical terms - it is interesting, and it let's you build an enclosed natural system in a very small space. Aquaponics can be used to grow organic vegetables(tomatoes for example), or to produce fuel. The system is basically a way of harnessing solar power, and making it even more efficient, because of the fish colony. What materials will you need if you want to make it simple? You will need tanks, tubing and sufficient space to build the system. The cost of the system can be as low as $10 per square feet of cultures, which cannot be compared to the expensive commercial systems, requiring thousands of dollars to buy. That's why it is best to construct your own system.

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