Bedroom Lighting Techniques

The bedroom needs a cozier ambiance. Remember that you do not need bright lights as this will disrupt the peace and relaxation you seek from your bedroom. You need a dimmer lighting but you also need specific types of lighting fixtures especially if you love to read in the bedroom.

You will know that you have the proper lighting fixtures in your bedroom if:

You can dress and groom yourself properly.
You easily find your things in the closet, drawers, and shelves.
You can read without trouble.
You have no hassles with the location of your light switches.
You have options when it comes to the illumination intensity of your lights.
Congratulations to those who have agreed on all the criteria above. If not, then you must certainly read on so you can fix your dilemmas with your bedroom lighting.

The following are tips to help you choose the proper lighting for your bedroom.

You must know that the dimensions of your bedroom are important to include when choosing your lighting fixtures. This will ensure that the amount of lighting will be appropriate for the size of the room.

You should also include the height of the room. The usual height of average bedrooms is 8 to 9 feet. For these measurements, choose short and flush-mounted bulbs.

The theme of your room also affects the lighting fixtures of your bedroom. Your activities also dictate what lighting fixtures you need. If you work in your bedroom, you need a table lamp on your working desk. If you want a love seat area, this requires for dimmer bulbs. Brighter lights are needed in the dresser and closet area, remember that.

Light from your lamps must be evenly distributed. Avoid buying solid and thick lampshades as they obscure the light.

You should not opt for overhead lamps which are fixed on the headboard of your bed. If you want your lamps to be placed overhead at certain times, buy clip lamps which are detachable and portable to serve various purposes.

You must know your purposes in the bedroom so you can choose exactly what you need.

The wattage of the bulbs is also a major consideration. Opt for energy-saving bulbs.

Dimmers will help give variation in the illumination of the room. If you want a single light to be purposeful, a dimmer will solve the problem as it can vary the light given by the bulb according to your mood.

Bulbs are also available in different colors to match the colors of your bedroom.

The closet is one of the places which need bright lights so you can easily find your things. Do not place the bulbs near your clothes to avoid damaging them. Install the lights 12 inches from the clothes rack. Fluorescent lights are advised for closet lighting. They give off less heat and are energy-saving bulbs as well.

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