Three Suggestions for Decorating Your New Home

Everybody would love to live in a nice home, a place that is adorned well and has abundant room for guests to feel comfortable and at peace. We want our guests to love being in our home and give us kudos on "what we have done with the place." The reality, however, is that some people might have the resources and finances to spend a little more on home design and decorations than others; whether it be top of the line kitchen instruments and equipment, or big-ticket furniture. If you are getting ready to make a long distance move and are wanting to decorate your new space on controlled means, check out these three suggestions that might help you stretch your pennies and still be satisfied with the overall outcome. Here they are:


Before you think to do anything, you must come up with a practical budget. Look at your finances like a hawk and determine what you can truly afford. Sure, having a really beautiful home with expensive looking things is all good and nice, but it's not worth the risk of really burying yourself in debt for years to come. Be shrewd with your money and be creative in how you spend it.

See Potential in Things

Some people are perfectly able to see the potential in not-so-new things.A very important thing to remember when shopping at a thrift store is that you have to be really open minded. Some people tend to believe that if something is not completely brand new, it is not worth buying. However, if you learn to see past that train of thinking, the sky is really the limit. Learn to see the potential in things that might be lightly damaged. If there is a coffee table you like, for example, but it's aged and chipping at the edges, think about how you might be able to allow that coffee table a second life, get a few more years out of it. Some of these items have a great deal of personality and can add a whole lot of style and pizzazz to your new space if you get creative with them. Some can be fixed easily, painted over, or reupholstered.

Be Thrifty

Thrifting is a truly an excellent way to find rare and great things for reasonable rates. From couches to entertainment centers and coffee tables, you might be really astounded by what you come by at the right thrift store. This is not to say that every single Goodwill or Salvation Army is going to be packed to the full with amazing buys you simply can't live without. You have to look frequently and at several different places and be committed to hunting things down. A couch over here, perhaps a chair over there. You see, on any given day you might find incredible items that could just as easily be sold in a large department store. Be thrifty and you will be pleasantly surprised in the end!

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