Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry

Organizing your kitchen pantry might sound like a lot of work, but when you have everything in its place, you will feel good for having accomplished your goal. There is satisfaction in knowing your products are easy to access and in actually being able to find them at first glance. Straightening out your cupboards might not come natural to you, but imagine how it will simplify your life. Reaching your goal of a tidy pantry with organized shelves just takes some time and planning.

You will need to set aside some time to tackle this project without interruptions. I like to do it by myself, so I can concentrate on what I am doing. But to help you get started, you could ask your youngster to put everything from the pantry onto the table or island. If they are competent enough to do this for you, you are off to a good start. So, with or without help, you will need to empty your shelves. While the shelves are empty, wipe them down with a damp cloth. After they have dried they are ready to be restocked.

While your goods are stalled out, group like products together. When you place them back on the shelf you want to have zones for the different categories, just like in the grocery store. Baking supplies, tin cans, pasta and juices each go in their own category, as do breakfast cereals. You get the idea. Get rid of those things that are past their due date or that you know you will never use now, while you are handling them.

Besides organizing your kitchen pantry, using sealed glass or plastic containers will protect your foods from infestations and may prolong the shelf life. There are many different types available to suit your purposes and budget. A large container can hold many small items, such as snacks or granola bars, making them easier to store and find. Having containers that stack and fit together nicely helps keep the shelves look tidy and saves space.

Where you put things back on the shelves depends on how often you use them. Put items used frequently near the front where they are in easy reach. Items you rarely use go to top shelves or the back of the shelf. Planning this correctly will save you a lot of time in the long run and if you find yourself having to climb too often to reach something, consider moving it down to within reach.

Plan to tackle the job soon and have fun organizing your kitchen pantry!

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