How To Paint Wall Murals

The painting of wall murals involves a gradual process. The beginning is made with the concept of a design and the finish involves the actual depiction, on the wall.

It is advisable to make a sketch of the mural to be painted. The dimension of the wall is to be ascertained .The subject and the corner to be painted should be decided. This is done to ensure that the subject corresponds to the size of the wall and looks appropriate there. It is advisable not to choose a wide landscape for high, narrow walls.

The grid should be placed over the pattern drawn. The design needs to be retraced with the help of a marker. The grid should be stretched onto the wall. The height and the width of the wall should be in proportion to the division, vertically and horizontally.

This simple sketch on the wall can be rectified, in the case of any mistakes. It is used to ensure perfection and proper attention must be given to minor details, for the mural to achieve the desired appearance.

In the case of indoors, the same paint, which is applied on the wall such as satin finish or semi gloss paint, can be used. Outdoor furniture paint can also be used for the purpose, as these are economical and waterproof. It is advisable to have several paint sticks, considering the fact that two different colors can be mixed to create a specific hue.

The brushes need to be of a good quality and sturdy, to hold the paint. Once the painting materials are ready, the color can be applied to the design. It is advisable to make outlines first, before going into the details. After the outline is done, it could be further defined with the help of pointed brushes.

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